Cost of the fire disaster: SEK 3.5 billion

Cost of the fire disaster: SEK 3.5 billion

An expert at Anderson Economic Group has analyzed the possible losses due to the fire disaster on The Fremantle Highway.

– After several days of fire, it is likely that all the cars are completely damaged, and it will be very difficult to salvage cars from the ship. Even if the cars can be salvaged, they cannot be sold as new in the US, says Patrick Anderson at Andersson Economic Group.

The ship transported 3,783 cars on board, of which 498 were electric cars. Many cars were from Mercedes and the BMW group, including several Rolls-Royces. The English luxury car manufacturer has called the customers who have now got rid of their cars, often specially built for the customer.

However, some cars may have made it. According to the German newspaper Bild, as many as 800 cars may have escaped fire damage.

The fire has now been extinguished and the ship is being towed to the port of Eemshaven in the northern parts of Holland. The fire can be compared to the one that hit the Felicity Ace in 2022. The Felicity Ace was carrying about 4,000 cars when it caught fire and sank in the Atlantic Ocean. The damage cost was calculated at the time at SEK 3.8 billion.

However, it is not only damage to transported cars in a disaster of this size. Even if the ship does not sink, enormous amounts of extinguishing water have been released into the sea, water tainted by heavy metals, acids, oils and pollutants, which has now mixed into the ecosystem.


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