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Coronel sees opportunities for Verstappen: “Fortunately, we also see Hamilton having problems”

by drbyos

In recent races, it was a matter of switching between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. One of the two drivers is alternately at the top of the championship, although Mercedes seems to have the better car with six races to go. Tom Coronel and Ruud Dimmers look in the latest podcast from RacingNews365 where Verstappen can still benefit in the title fight.

After the Turkish Grand Prix, Mercedes’ W12 car seems faster than Red Bull’s car, especially on the long straights. That could be an advantage for Hamilton in the coming races, but Coronel sees human errors as a decisive factor. “Fortunately, we also see Hamilton having problems, we have to take advantage of these problems.” Dimmers does not expect Mercedes to suddenly have the upper hand. “Mexico has always been the track for Red Bull, everything was just right there. The height, the engine power, I just assume that Mexico is still ‘Maxico’.”

Should Mercedes indeed prevail with a better car, Verstappen will have to be eager for the opportunities he gets in the last six races of the season. “Otherwise, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (the final race, ed.) will be less fun than I had hoped. You have to be realistic, Mercedes just looks faster at the moment. From Hungary, I already saw that. That was originally a real Red Bull job.”

Dimmers agrees, but thinks consistency is the key to success in the 2021 world championship. “The most important thing now is that you don’t drop out in the race,” he adds to Coronel’s predictions. “Then you only come second once, and you might be one point behind in the championship. That can be reversed in the next race. I believe that in the last six races, the lead in the World Cup has changed four times .”

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Coronel and Dimmers agree that Verstappen and Hamilton should drive clear. “Take a circuit like Brazil, for example, which is a very short circuit. If you make a mistake there (in qualifying, ed.) and you lose one or two tenths, you are suddenly fifth,” they conclude. .

Listen to the full podcast below.


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