Coronavirus in the world – what are the consequences of the severe course of COVID-19

What the study showed

It is noted that the results of scientific work emphasize the need to reduce the number of severe infections through vaccination.

According to scientists, 20% of patients who had been seriously ill with coronavirus at one time died within a year from causes directly related to the infection, such as bleeding disorders or respiratory failure. And another part of the people died due to complications of chronic diseases.

Experts say the coronavirus can wreak havoc on the entire body in the long term. Also, researchers are calling for vaccinations.

In their conclusions, the scientists were based on long-term observation of 13,638 patients, 178 of whom suffered a severe form of the disease, 246 patients suffered from a mild or moderate coronavirus. And the rest of them tested negative for the disease.

The scientists said that people who got the infection were at significantly greater risk of hospitalization in the next six months.

In addition, the risk of death also arose in patients with a severe form of coronavirus in the category under 65 years of age.

Professor Arch Minus of the University of Florida explained that people should be more alert to infection and do whatever they can to avoid the dire consequences of infection.



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