Corona vaccination: already in autumn? Corona vaccine could be so quick

Researchers are intensely looking for a vaccine against the coronavirus (symbol image). Image: / Cavan Images

Already in autumn? There could be a Corona vaccine so quickly

A vaccine against the corona virus could be the decisive turning point in the fight against further spread. A researcher at Oxford University in London now explains that she and her team could probably a ready-to-use drug as early as September present.

Sarah Gilbert, professor of vaccine science, said the “Times”that she is “80 percent confident” that the vaccine developed by her team is working will. It will be tested on humans in the next two weeks.

The vaccine is ready for use in early autumn – “if everything goes smoothly. Nobody can promise that it will work“, however, restricted the researcher.

The university itself is also reluctant to make predictions. It usually takes 12 to 18 months to develop a vaccine. On the official Homepage Oxford says they want to try everything to get the Active ingredient available as soon as possible close. However, it must have previously proven to be safe and effective.

“The best scenario is that we could have a result from the last phase of the clinical trial by fall 2020 to show that the vaccine protects against the virus and it is possible to use large amounts […] to manufacture“Says the homepage. It is expressly pointed out that this time frame is very ambitious and can change in the course.

Other researchers are also looking for vaccine

According to the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), Germany is also due to open soon the first clinical trial of a vaccine candidate against the new coronavirus start. PEI President Klaus Cichutek said in Berlin on Friday that he was sure that there would be further exams in the country in the course of the year. He did not give details of the start date. So far, four candidates have been in the first clinical trials worldwide.

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Cichutek showed up in general optimistic about vaccines and therapeutic agents against the virus: One does not dream, but works on “that this becomes reality”, he countered the statement of a virologist, that these are still dreams.

Preventive vaccines that act specifically against Sars-Cov-2 are needed – that would be a “game changer”, according to Cichutek. Because of the expected high demand, vaccines from several manufacturers are necessary.

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