Corona in China: Surprising Study Finds Origin of Virus – New Reports on Missing Witnesses

A new Cambridge study does not suspect the origin of the coronavirus in Wuhan. In addition, the first case could have appeared months earlier. The news ticker.

  • Cover-up allegations against the Chinese government are increasing.
  • Corrections of the Case numbers change nothing – also a thesis on the origin of the Corona virus* in the laboratory is picking up speed.
  • China rejects the allegations.
  • Our guide through reporting: latest case numbers*, symptoms appearing* and possible Protective measures*.

Update from April 21, 10.14 a.m .: pictures from Wuhanthat no one should see was uploaded to YouTube in January and February, such as shots of mini vans with body bags in front of a hospital – at a time when China was said to be in control of the situation. The authors of the pictures have now disappeared, theirs Video channels remain silent.

The businessman has disappeared Catch bin and the human rights lawyer and video journalist Chen Qiushi. Both are missing from their family – according to information from BBC it is unclear that they were kidnapped by the police or put under forced quarantine. Chen Qiushi’s Twitter account has now been taken over by friends.

Coronavirus: concerns about press freedom restrictions in many countries

“Reporters Without Borders” reports that under the pretext of fighting “fake news”, governments around the world are interfering massively with reporting. Singapore, Benin,Russia, India, the Philippines or Vietnam, but also the United States and Egypt are affected. While critical voices are suppressed in some countries, bots are used elsewhere to spread disinformation, and populist leaders in the United States and Brazil continue to fuel hatred of the media.

The organization warns that in many countries the corona pandemic is being used to further restrict press freedom. The number of media workers who have been in prisons since the pandemic began is highest in China, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. In times of a declining advertising market, newsrooms worldwide would generally shrink and the media concentration would increase.

Corona virus in China: new figures

Update from April 20, 10:35 p.m .: 2,458,150 Coronavirus cases are registered worldwide according to Johns Hopkins University numbers. The number of Fatality stands at 168,906 people (as of 10:40 p.m.).

Coronavirus: Singapore suffers setback – leaps and bounds of cases

Update from April 20, 1:44 p.m .: In the fight against that Corona virus has noticed this internationally for its strategy Singapore suffered a setback. According to preliminary information from the Ministry of Health on Monday, one was in the Southeast Asian city-state Jump of 1425 new cases recorded – the biggest one in a day so far. This means that Singapore, which has a population of 5.8 million, is now with it 8014 confirmed cases at the top in Southeast Asia, ahead of Indonesia and the Philippines. So far Eleven people in Singapore died after a corona infection.

Corona virus worldwide: Infections are skyrocketing in Singapore

The Ministry of Health further explained that most of the new cases are in Singapore Residents of accommodation for foreign workers. The government has now launched a test campaign to separate healthy workers from infected workers. Around 200,000 people, including many young construction workers from all over Asia, share dormitories for ten to 20 residents in the city.

Applied during the pandemic Singapore as an example so far, like a country the Virus can get a grip: through rigorous testing, isolation of infected people and quarantine for people who have been in contact with infected people. Exit restrictions were imposed there relatively late; the lockdown has been in effect since April 7th.

In Pakistan have a few days before the beginning of the fasting month of Ramadan meanwhile Islamic scholars with the government a Action program against Corona informed. According to government reports on Monday, scholars have assured themselves that they worked on one last weekend Measures catalog to keep. According to this, carpets should be temporarily removed from mosques for hygiene reasons. In addition, people over 50 and children should not be allowed to participate in prayers.

Furthermore, the distance rules recommended by the WHO should be observed and Masks* to be worn. Daily fast breaking should be done by believers at home. The reason for these ordinances is that Muslims around the world start the month of fasting Ramadan at the end of the week. In Pakistan – a country with more than 200 million inhabitants – fears that yourself Spread of the pandemic accelerated through community prayers.

Corona virus in Thailand: Long line of people in front of temple in Bangkok

Update from April 20, 11.30 a.m .: In Thailand has been distributing food to those in need Make the Corona crisis worse triggered. A spokesman for the government’s crisis center said on Monday that anyone wishing to distribute food or other goods must inform the authorities beforehand. These should then help to keep your distance. Background of these regulations: On one Temple in the capital Bangkok had last week a long Snake with about 1000 people educated. As a precautionary measure,quarantine* arranged.

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At the weekend it was also shown in pictures how homeless people run and desperately stand in line to receive financial support of 100 baht (equivalent to just under three euros) per person in a park in Bangkok. So far in Thailand 2792 corona infections reported. 47 people died related to Covid 19 disease. The state of emergency also applies in the Southeast Asian country.

There is also a state of emergency in this country, but after about a month of inactivity, this occurs on Monday first Loosening of the corona shutdown* in force. They go hand in hand with numerous heated discussions that Chancellor Angela Merkel is now sharply criticized* Has.

Corona virus worldwide: Israelis demonstrate with masks and safety distance

Update from April 20, 9.43 a.m .: Not just in Brazil, also in Israel people take to the streets because of the Corona measures. However, the Isrealis stopped at the Demonstration in Tel Aviv on Sunday apparently exemplary Safety distance a. Thousands of citizens have demonstrated on the central Rabin Square with face masks against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They stood at marked positions two meters apart so that the police did not resolve the rally.

The Israelis protested the from their perspective anti-democratic measures among other things in the fight against the corona virus. They also demanded that the accused politician Netanyahu be legally excluded from forming a government. He has to go to trial in three cases for corruption.

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel is attacking colleagues exceptionally sharply on the phone – and is making her biggest concern about the easing of measures clear.

Corona virus worldwide: The number of reproductions in New Zealand is 0.48

Meanwhile, there is good news New Zealand. The country has, according to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern the “Uncontrolled outbreak” stopped by Covid-19. Nevertheless, the state of emergency is extended by five days. After April 27, there will be easing of the corona restrictions, said Ardern on Monday. She said that in New Zealand, like in only a few countries, the devastating virus wave had been stopped. The Reproduction number of the virus is therefore included 0.48. This means that ten infected people pass the virus on to 4.8 other people on average. This reduces the number of new infections every day. At a An epidemic gradually subsides below 1*.

Update from April 20, 6:48 a.m .: While the authorities in Germany and some other countries are demonstrating because of the current Corona crisis and therefore forbid the ban on assembly that is valid in many places Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on the weekend at a demonstration against those imposed in the corona crisis Exit restrictions participated.

“You have to fight for your country,” Bolsonaro called round 600 protesters on Sunday too. They had gathered in front of the Army headquarters in the capital, Brasilia. The president announced that he would work for “freedom” and “democracy” in Brazil.

Corona virus worldwide: Brazilian demonstrators call for military intervention

The demonstrators called for the posters Closure of the Brazilian parliament and the Army intervention alongside Bolsonaro in the corona crisis. The head of state responded to these demands in his speech, which he delivered from the back of a small truck and several times because of Coughing fits had to interrupt, not one.

Bolsonaro had previously been supported by governors of the Brazilian states and supported by parliamentary leaders Initial restrictions repeatedly sharply criticized for their economic consequences. He also has the lung disease caused by the coronavirus Covid-19 as “little flu” as well as the global fight against the pandemic as “Hysteria” designated.

On Thursday fired the Brazilian president also popular with the people Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandettawith whom he had had disagreements for weeks. Mandetta had rebelled against Bolsonaro several times, trying to enforce strict corona restrictions against the will of the far-right head of state.

Corona virus worldwide: Canadian retirement home becomes a hotspot

Update from April 19, 5 p.m .: After this 31 residents died is within a few weeks Retirement home near Montreal in the Coronavirus crisis in Québec, Canada. Over the past three weeks there have been more and more terrifying details about grievances in the private Herron old people’s home in Dorval.

Almost all nurses had left the home when representatives of local health officials arrived there in late March. A class action lawsuit shows that the last a nurse and two nurses looked after 130 residents should have. The police and the Ministry of Health are investigating.

Corona virus worldwide: Many Chinese are overweight due to isolation

Update from April 19, 3:51 p.m .: While the chinese government With Allegations from the United States is faced with what the Dealing with the coronavirus outbreak As for, a lot of the Chinese population apparently with one Weight gain due to domestic isolation.

As reported by the official Xinhua news agency on Sunday, referring to a survey by Zhongguo Qingnianbao newspaper, have been in the Corona crisis 73 percent of a total of 3005 respondents according to their own information Weight increased. The main reasons for this were lack of exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle in domestic isolation called. Some also admitted that they simply ate more and more while crouching at home.

Meanwhile, there is good news from Australian west coast: There could Cruise ship “Artania” now start the journey home to Germany. This will put an end to the three-week odyssey including corona quarantine for the people on board.

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Corona virus worldwide: Saudi Islam scholars advise praying at home during Ramadan

As a measure to protect against a coronavirus infection, we now also have Saudi Arabia’s highest religious authority called to do so, while of the Islamic month of Lent Ramadan this year to pray at home. Usually, during Ramadan, which is expected to start next Thursday, Muslims gather in the mosques for ritual night prayer. As the Council of Supreme Religious Scholars announced on Sunday, believers should because of the risk of further virus spread but better not do that now.

Update from April 19, 1:15 p.m .: According to a media report, the World Health Organization WHO many countries do not prepare for a pandemic well. They are worldwide most states poorly to moderately prepared for epidemics, quotes the mirror from a position paper for a video conference scheduled for Sunday by the health ministers of the G20 countries on the corona crisis.

Only a third of the countries can detect outbreaks of epidemics and react to them, it says mirror according to the document. Even highly developed health systems would then only have “limited capacities” to perform basic services. According to the report, the WHO predicts that the Corona pandemic in poor countries with weaker systems “Be devastating” would.

Coronavirus: Panama authorities stop migrants from border infections for infections

Meanwhile, the authorities in Panama 1700 migrants on the way to the USA prevented from onward travel. Several coronavirus infections were previously detected in the group. A government official said that the migrants were now being held in a refugee camp in the jungle near the Colombian border. The La Penita refugee camp is only designed for 200 people.

In total 17 of the migrants have been diagnosed with coronavirus infection the official said. The infected had already been removed from the refugee camp. Panama registered currently scarce 4,300 infections and 120 deaths from the corona virus. In the midst of the crisis, migrants are being cared for at three provisional border posts by government agencies, the UN aid agency Unicef ​​and the Red Cross.

Coronavirus: Wuhan virologist denies American allegations

Update from April 19, 11:01 a.m .: The previous day it was announced that a University of Cambridge study suggests that Corona virus don’t be in Wuhan in December, but may already be Mid September in one southern part of China emerged. And also in the USA there are more and more doubts about the previous theory that the virus originated at a wild animal market in Wuhan. Instead examine U.S. intelligence agencieswhether it’s his Originated in an organic laboratory near Wuhan.

The head of the research facility concerned, Yuan Zhiming from Institute for Virologist in Wuhan, has now firmly rejected these allegations. But the United States is not alone in its mistrust of China regarding the origin and handling of Corona. Australia now has an independent Investigation into the global handling of the corona pandemic is required. The government there wants details about the origin of the virus, the extent of the pandemic and the transparency with which information is passed on.

Coronavirus: Australia calls for WHO and government review in China

That too Action by the World Health Organization WHO needs to be put to the testForeign Minister said Marise Payne the public broadcaster ABC On Sunday. In addition, the government’s crisis management in Beijing had to be examined at the beginning of the outbreak.

Meanwhile Israel several on Sunday Corona protection rules relaxed. The government there had approved the move announced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at night. Instead of just 15 percent previously, now 30 percent of employees go back to work come. However, only if strict hygiene rules are observed. If you violate the obligation to wear a mask, you face a fine of the equivalent of 50 euros.

Update from April 18, 4.47 p.m .: The Cook Islands in the South Pacific have officially declared a corona-free area. No infections with the pathogen Sars-CoV-2 are known, and all 900 tests so far negative failed, Prime Minister Henry Puna’s office said on Friday (local time).

Coronavirus: not originating in Wuhan – first case months earlier? Cambridge study surprised

Update from April 18, 12.20 p.m .: It would be the turning point in the current conflict China the responsibility for the coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic is said to be hers origin in chinese Wuhan have taken, since there were cases of a previously unknown case in December Lung disease were registered. The University of Cambridge published the results of a study that showed a surprising result. The first case is said to have occurred on September 13 – three months earlier than previously thought. This has now been published in the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”.

Peter Forster, head of the international study team, presented the results of the research. “The virus may have been in its final human-effective form months ago mutated. But it stayed in one for several months bat or one other animal or even a human being without infecting other people. Between the September 13 and December 7 The corona virus then began to spread and more and more people became infected. ”According to researchers, the actual origin is suspected in a southern part of China. “If I was pushed for an answer, I would say that the original spread was more in South china when it started in Wuhan, ”says Forster.

The study analyzed virus strains using an algorithm that can map the movement of organisms by mutating their genes. The researchers found hundreds of mutations, which means that the virus spread to host animals for years and eventually infected humans. However, the research team does not have definitive evidence. “This requires the analysis of more bats, possibly other potential host animals, and preserved tissue samples in Chinese hospitals that were stored between September and December,” says study leader Forster.

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In Italy, meanwhile, one thinks about easing the Corona measures after. This threatens to divide Italy. *

Coronavirus: Relaxation comes into force in Iran – the population stays at home

Update from April 18, 11:25 a.m .: Although the population of Iran skeptical Iran responded to the planned Easing the restrictions to combat the Corona virus* firmly. The rules in Tehran were relaxed on Saturday: the first shops opened and many branches of the economy went back to work, but no normality returned to the capital.

The majority business remained in much of the city empty, many Iranians preferred at home to stay so as not to deal with that Corona virus* to be infected. The streets were a bit crowded, but the traffic got by without the usual traffic jam. The recommended one Keep distance is largely complied with, including in means of transport. Most people wear protective masks and plastic gloves.

The contact restriction has been made in some authorities, however Not adhered to what to be angry Protests on the part of the officials and the applicant.

Coronavirus: China rejects allegations – Singapore with record increase

Update from April 18, 10.55 a.m .: The Ministry of Health of Singapore reported a record number of 942 new corona infections, what the previous highest rise means. Especially collective accommodation for Guest workers are collection tanks for the new virus. There are only 14 new cases among Singapore nationals and permanent residents. So far are loud Mirror online all in all 5992 Coronavirus infections have been reported, according to Johns Hopkins University, eleven people died as a result of the virus.

Update from April 17, 9:55 p.m .:In spite of worldwide measures against the new corona virus
are now, according to data from US researchers more than 150,000 people infected with it died. According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of infections worldwide was more than 2.2 million on Friday evening (9:30 p.m. CEST). The Sars-CoV-2 virus, which was practically completely unknown until just over three months ago, can trigger the lung disease Covid-19.

Most of the coronavirus pandemic deaths have so far been reported in the United States (around 34,000), Italy (23,000), Spain (19,000), followed by France and the UK, according to the Baltimore College.

Coronavirus: China rejects allegations – Myanmar releases huge numbers of prisoners

First report from April 17th: Beijing – The acute wave of corona infections and deaths appears to be calming somewhat in Europe and the United States, and the stringent requirements in large parts of China have been relaxed. Now the time has apparently come for politicians to take a closer look at the genesis and spread of the virus – and also to criticize China.

Two allegations are getting louder: First, have China the true numbers* and Facts* veiled to the dimension of the virus. Second, that is Transmission of the virus by animals* may have happened to humans not in the wildlife market in Wuhan, but in a laboratory in Wuhan, where research was carried out on infected bats.

That at the same time as the WHO The largest international health organization is getting caught in the crosshairs, possibly setting the course for the next few weeks: How will the international community work together to tackle the crisis? Where will you go on your own, where will new forms of cooperation?

Coronavirus: China rejects the allegations

“There has never been a cover-up and we will never allow a cover-up,” said the Foreign Ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian, in Beijing in the face of allegations from several western countries. After Donald Trump’s push, France and Great Britain Criticized. Critical words also came from the Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD).

The number of deaths that were surprisingly revised upwards was particularly worrying, he explained. It is a “responsible correction” based on “facts,” wrote the Chinese Global Times, a government propaganda sheet, on the allegations.

Coronavirus: Myanmar releases 24,000 prisoners

Meanwhile, almost 25,000 prisoners were released early in Myanmar. The amnesty falls on the Burmese New Year, to which political prisoners are traditionally always released, but also humanitarian reasons and difficult ones Protective measures* seem to play a role in crowded prisons.

The Thai Ministry of the Environment also shares good news: The beaches would recover. The sea has visibly become clearer, even corals could recover. “There is always a chance in a crisis,” said Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa on Friday.

During the Corona crisis, a 101-year-old towered out of a retirement home with a very specific goal in mind and seized the help of the police.

In Italy, the country’s borders could even be closed, and Lombardy has already had five times as many deaths due to the Corona crisis as in World War II. Bavaria will implement the mask requirement from April 27 – we explain the background.


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