Corona figures stable, but education is becoming a source of infection again

“We have reached a kind of equilibrium, with relatively high figures,” says Aura Timen of RIVM. For a month, an average of about 2500 positive tests per day have been registered. Also today: 2501 positive tests have been counted by RIVM until 10:00 this morning.

Also the reproduction number, which is a few weeks behind and indicates the spread of the virus, hardly changes.

The infection rates are relatively high, says Timen. “We are entering the fall and winter with high numbers, knowing that the virus thrives in the winter and fall months.” However, the situation is also completely different from a year ago. “Because we have a significant vaccination coverage, although there are still many people in younger age groups who have not been vaccinated.”

Fewer IC admissions

In hospitals, the number of ICU admissions fell: by a fifth, to 85 last week. Outside the IC, the number of admissions remained about the same at 426.

The lower number of ICU admissions is not really visible in the hospital setting: there are about as many people in intensive care as two weeks ago. There are now 678 people with corona in hospital (yesterday: 682), of whom 215 in the ICU (yesterday: 220), reports the National Coordination Center for Patients Spreading (LCPS).


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