Corona demo in Winterthur is peaceful

Several thousand people demonstrated against the Corona measures in Winterthur on Saturday. There was no escalation like the one recently in Bern.

Demonstrators and “Freiheitstrychler” demonstrated on Saturday in Winterthur against the measures to contain the corona virus.

Annick Ramp / NZZ

Nurses looked out the window of the old people’s center on Neumarkt. Among them, a stream of people with flags, red heart-shaped balloons and petting go through the streets of Winterthur. Opponents of the Covid 19 measures and vaccination skeptics gathered in Winterthur on Saturday afternoon. One policeman estimated the number of participants in the demonstration at four to five thousand. The organizers of the rally had only expected around a thousand participants. The crowd kept chanting: “Liberté, liberté!” On banners were messages like “We don’t need any vaccinations, we all have an immune system” or “God, free our fatherland from the clutches of the capital elite”.


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