Corona and malaria broke out on board a freighter in Bremerhaven

Image: DPA | Ingo Wagner

Image: DPA | Ingo Wagner

  • Several sailors fell ill
  • Four corona cases and malaria confirmed
  • Ship was on the way to Bremen

A freighter carrying sick seamen is currently at the Stromkaje in Bremerhaven. The Bremen health department has confirmed this. Four seafarers have therefore tested positive for Corona with rapid tests. Further tests and investigations are ongoing. The freighter “Market Cooper” was on its way from West Africa to Bremen. However, cases of illness had already been reported on board in advance.

There is a suspicion that other seafarers may have been infected with corona or malaria. According to the captain, a seaman with malaria is said to have left the ship before arrival in Bremerhaven, as well as one with Corona. Nobody is allowed to leave the ship at the moment.

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Bremen Zwei, Nachrichten, September 10, 2021, 2 p.m.

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