Corinna, after the London trial against Don Juan Carlos: “I’m happy”

This Monday, December 6, the day that is celebrated on Constitution Day in our country, the trial of Corinna Larsen against him King Juan Carlos. In December of last year, the German woman requested a restraining order against the emeritus. He accused him of harassment “from 2012 to the present” through threats, defamation and covert espionage.

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The businesswoman also focused her accusations on the Spanish secret services of “illegal surveillance” in the United Kingdom. For all this, he also asks to receive compensation. The lawsuit he filed also addresses the famous donation of 65 million euros from the emeritus to his former friend.

At the exit of the trial held this Monday in court number 13 of the Queen’s Bench Division of the London Superior Court, Corinna herself has declared to the media her satisfaction: “I am happy,” she commented, according to what comes to the newsroom of Informal.

Larsen has repeatedly denounced (through interviews and even during his appearance as a witness in the trial against former police commissioner Villarejo) the harassment he claims to have suffered since 2012, when the relationship between the two came to light after their trip to Botswana . All so that she would not reveal state secrets that, according to her, they accuse her of having in their power.

On the part of Felipe VI’s father, his legal team reiterated this Monday that the English courts do not have jurisdiction over the lawsuit for alleged harassment filed by Corinna against the emeritus of Spain.

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His defense, according to the document to which Efe has had access, assures that Doña Sofía’s husband enjoys immunity thanks to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 and the British Law on Immunity. In addition, this document is signed by lawyer Daniel Bethlehem and professor Philippa Webb. They are both experts in international relations.

This Tuesday, December 7, the second session will be held. Judge Matthew Nicklin It will be in charge of deciding whether or not the claim can finally be processed by the British Justice.


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