Cords in obscene verses ridiculed the postponement of the end date of World War II: Music: Culture:

Musician Sergei Shnurov in a swearing poem ridiculed the decision of the Russian State Duma to postpone the end date of World War II to September 3. The artist published his work in Instagram.

Shnurov ironically stated that thanks to the adoption of the new date, the life of Russians will change for the better despite the crisis and the coronavirus pandemic.

With the vulgar not ending the war,
The Duma is on its own wave.
But now we are all calm
Life will get better.

The artist wanted to take a look at the author of the legislative initiative.

**** [Что] there we have a crisis, a virus.
Who invented at this moment
So necessary for the world
Important to move a document?

The musician also remembered that September 3 is the famous song of Mikhail Shufutinsky.

Someone smart, ***** [черт подери]like a vegetable
This is to say the least.
Shufutinsky to help us all,
September 3rd again.

April 14 State Duma approved The new end date for World War II is September 3. Earlier this day was considered September 2.

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