Convinced that the veterinarian is in love with him, he harasses her with messages

The 30-year-old, at the bar of the Chartres court, does not budge: “While she was treating my dog, she touched my hand. »

It didn’t take much for him to fall madly in love with the veterinarian to whom he had entrusted his animal, in a clinic in the Drouaise region.

Between the months of May and July 2021, he tries by all means to obtain an appointment with the young woman. He sends her a bouquet of flowers. The police count 141 calls to the on-call number of the veterinary clinic, and more than a hundred fiery messages.

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Not achieving his goals, by using false email addresses, he blocks many appointment slots on the clinic’s website. He does not hesitate to use pseudonyms such as “Siffredi”.

Tired of the fight, the veterinary clinic sent him a letter, telling him that she no longer wanted to count him among its clients: “We will no longer see you in the office. We ask that you find another veterinarian to care for your dog. »

“A disturbing personality”

He returns the letter, torn into small pieces, to its sender. The clinic’s ultimatum doesn’t stop him. The man posts glowing messages on the clinic’s Facebook page: “She’s the most beautiful veterinarian”, “she has magnificent eyes”, “she’s too beautiful. »

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Clinic officials blocked his account. But he created others, under different pseudonyms. “At the end of the fourteenth count, they gave up. They spent their time blocking the accounts and knowing if the appointments blocked on the agenda came from him or not, ”says Me Laure Pavan, the lawyer for the veterinarian and her partner.

He admits “having done anything! »

“He has a problem of erotomania”, continues the lawyer, explaining that it “is about a disorder which makes a being convinced of being loved by the other”.

The 36-year-old man does not seem to realize, during his trial, the extent of the damage that the clinic, as well as the veterinarian, suffered: “When she touched my hand, it created feelings. It was stronger than me. I think there was a misunderstanding. He admits, however, “having done anything! “.

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The veterinarian, during her testimony, denied having touched the man’s hand: “I stroked the dog but I did not touch his master. I told him I was married, when he complimented me on my eyes and I saw he didn’t want to leave. “Maybe we should change our flirting technique!” “, ironically Me Pavan.

“It is not the heaviness of the drag that we judge”, assures the public prosecutor “but the harassment of which the clinic and the veterinarian have been victims”.

The magistrate notes “a disturbing personality, for which psychological care seems essential”.

After the plea, in defense, of Me Alexandre Paul-Loubière, who insisted on “the immature personality of his client”, the last word was given to the defendant, before the court retired to deliberate.

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“Basically, I apologize for what I did,” he says. “She must continue to live normally. »

He was sentenced to eight months in prison with probation. He will have to follow care and no longer come into contact, neither with the clinic, nor with the veterinarian who made his heart capsize.

Jacques Joannopoulos
Twitter : @jjoann_lecho


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