Conversion Ex-HD 23 to yacht ready

Conversion Ex-HD 23 to yacht ready

The former beam trawl cutter HD-23 ‘Vertrouwen’ of Rederij Gebr. Bakker from Den Helder has been converted into a yacht at Maaskant Shipyards in Stellendam, the ‘Scintilla Maris’. The ship has been in Stellendam for 18 years and has been worked on intermittently.

The hull was built in Poland and completed at Maaskant in 1989. The 46 meter long cutter with a Deutz main engine of 4,400 hp was at the time one of the largest beam trawlers in the Dutch fleet, but was taken out of service in 2005 due to high operating costs.

The ship was bought by a Dutch American. In the past year, work has gained momentum. The cutter has undergone a true metamorphosis and the sea trials have now been completed, delivery is scheduled for later this year.

Important changes were the installation of hybrid-electric propulsion and a harbor generator. Stricter emission rules ensured that the original 4,400 hp Deutz has been replaced by a strong electric motor.

Ten guests can be accommodated on the lower deck in four double cabins and a large owner’s suite amidships under the original hatch in the fish hold. There is accommodation for 9 crew members. Below a video of the sea trial and one that was made earlier during the renovation.

Video 1: Proefvaart ‘Scintilla Maris’ door Fishery And Maritime photography

Video 2: EXCLUSIVE Look At A 46-METRE STEEL TRAWLER Yacht Project

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