Construction of Nord Stream-2 completed

Gazprom is expected to start supplying blue fuel through the new pipeline in October

The construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is fully completed, Gazprom said.

“At the morning operational meeting at PJSC Gazprom, the chairman of the company Alexei Miller announced that this morning at 8:45 (Moscow time) the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is completely completed,” the company wrote.

The last weld of the second pipe from the gas pipeline was made on September 6. Subsequently, actions were taken to connect the sections of the gas pipeline running from the coast of Germany, passing along the bottom of the waters in Denmark by the appropriate methods used by the company.

The laying of the first pipe was completed in early June.

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year and runs from the Slavyanskaya compressor station in the southwestern part of the Leningrad region to the Baltic coast of Germany. The total length of the gas pipeline with the two pipes is 2460 km. Gazprom is completing Nord Stream 2 on its own, as the Swiss subcontractor suspended the construction of the underwater part due to US sanctions.

Gazprom Chairman Alexei Miller said last week that “by the end of this heating season, the first gas can be delivered via the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.” capacity in the northern gas corridor, “he stressed.

Information later emerged that the first gas could reach Europe even in October this year.

Construction was to be completed in 2019,

but was delayed by US resistance, which said the pipeline was a political project for Russia. According to US critics, the project makes Europe too dependent on Russia for its energy supplies. In July, the two, Washington and Berlin, announced an agreement pledging to take action if Russia tried to use energy supplies as a weapon or take further aggressive action against Ukraine.

The completion of the pipeline was accompanied by the imposition of US sanctions on all companies involved in its construction. This delayed the implementation of the project. The sanctions were first imposed in December 2019 and then expanded.

On May 20, 2021, Washington decided to lift sanctions against the company completing the construction of Nord Stream 2.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline will carry twice as much gas from Russia to Germany as before. Such a direct route between the two countries would avoid Ukraine’s mediating role and the country would start losing $ 2 billion in transit fees.

According to estimates presented to the US Congress, for Kiev this would mean a loss of about 3% of gross domestic product.

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