Constructing a poetic empathy space with short

Constructing a poetic empathy space with short

【Internet Gathering World Chinese Style】

Author: Zhang Zhijian (Director of New Media Research Center, Huaqiao University)

How to better carry forward and disseminate the excellent traditional Chinese culture with the help of new media? What should short videos do in this? This is a topic worthy of careful attention and serious consideration. Some short video works of traditional culture, in an elegant and pure form, explain traditional cultural classics and historical knowledge in simple terms. Observing the styles and characteristics they present, we can gain some useful enlightenment.

Interconnection between ancient and modern times: crossing the barriers of time and space in history

Chinese excellent traditional culture has profound connotations and rich content, but when creating and disseminating short videos, it is often difficult to understand and lacks novel angles. How to spread short videos of traditional culture across the barriers of time and space in history and arouse universal resonance? This is a common problem faced by many short video creators.

Some traditional cultural short video works focus on “seeing the present through the past”, and are committed to bringing people and things from the long river of Chinese culture into current life, and building an empathetic space that spans history and communicates with the past and the present. These short videos often find topics from the issues that people are generally confused and widely concerned about at the moment, such as “what to do when emotions come”, “what to do when you have no choice”, “why do we feel unhappy”, etc., and then from traditional culture Find suitable people, things, and things, such as Su Dongpo’s story, Li Bai’s poems, Zhuangzi’s words and deeds, etc. to explore these issues. Therefore, these short videos can hit the common confusion of people and the fundamental problems of life, so that their creation can directly hit the soul of modern people, have the greatest common denominator, and attract a wide audience. When history and reality are connected, the ancients and the present have a dialogue, and the utensils, stories, and characters in traditional culture become vivid, and with the help of the cultural memory rooted in the hearts of the audience, a deep emotional resonance is generated.

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Excellent traditional culture is full of spiritual core common to contemporary people, and has strong emotional commonality and cohesion. Many stories, poems, ideas, etc. in traditional culture are deeply imprinted in the memory of the public through school education, family inheritance, and media dissemination, and become an important part of people’s knowledge system and collective memory. Short video creation can take advantage of the transcendent emotional power and solid and profound cognitive foundation of excellent traditional culture in the hearts of the public, and be good at digging out the cognitive identity, emotional emotions, collective memory, etc. contained in it, and the current living conditions of the public, Establish connections between life situations and ideas and concepts.

Short video creators can activate the cultural emotions of the public by carefully selecting specific elements in traditional culture. From the empathic perspective of “seeing the present through the past”, the audience’s abstract memory and inherent cognition of historical traditions can be transformed into concrete ones. The emotional experience and motivation of identity, generate emotional resonance, and thus construct a long-lasting and profound empathy space that connects the past and the present.

  Some short videos activate the cultural emotions of the public from the perspective of “seeing the present through the past” by carefully selecting specific elements in traditional culture, and construct a long-lasting and profound empathy space that connects the past and the present.profile picture

Still Waters and Deep Streams: Touching Thoughts on the World and Life

People form a stereotype of short videos, and it seems that they can only rely on “lively” and “upper” to form a strong sensory impact and attract the audience, so as not to let them swipe their thumbs and cut the video away. However, some traditional cultural short videos are quite different from most short videos: the setting is very simple, that is, a person without makeup sits there and narrates, a video is seven or eight minutes long, there is no music on it, and there is no gorgeous picture , with no stimulating content. Why do they attract audiences and win widespread favor?

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A prominent feature of these short videos is that there is a kind of “quietness”, creating a “contemplative” atmosphere, which is uniquely charming. This is first reflected in the content orientation. It often chooses to discuss deep-seated issues in life, such as “how do we live”, “do we want to be ‘correct’ or ‘happy'”, etc., making it “one degree deeper” than most short videos. And its in-depth thinking is supported by solid content. For example, the creators of many series of short videos about Su Dongpo not only read Su Dongpo’s works and related research monographs, but also carefully sorted out the genealogy of Su Dongpo’s family and the history of the cities involved. On this basis, some fragments of Su Dongpo’s experience are selected to explain the philosophy of life, such as the question of “what is the purpose of living” through Su Dongpo’s experience of being exiled. Questions that touch the soul, deep-dive stories, thoughtful explanations and many other elements are organically integrated to form a content space of still water and deep flow, which arouses people’s contemplation.

This inspires the content orientation of short video creation. The impetuousness and superficiality of short videos have always been the main flaws that have been criticized by people. In fact, short video creators can dig deep into the deep space of traditional culture and history, and present those interesting souls, connotative stories, and resonant philosophies, etc., to arouse the deep thinking of modern people, so that short video creation can also be meaningful. A space for poetic habitat and philosophical contemplation. The poetic contemplation of life is an important part of the unique temperament and national character of Chinese culture. Using short videos to awaken the public’s inner thoughts about the world and life is not only a unique idea, but also allows creators to gain unique user stickiness and value, and is also beneficial to the construction of more diverse and rich short video content ecology. .

Artistic Conception of Poetry and Painting: Taking Ideas, Methods and Images from Traditional Culture

Some traditional cultural short videos maintain a basically consistent style. Lighting, color, clothing, lens editing, and cover production are all meticulous, giving people a simple and clean feeling, and showing China with a rhythm and artistic conception that is different from most short videos. The “quiet” aesthetics of excellent traditional culture creates a poetic realm.

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The creation of short videos of traditional culture should be good at using unique cultural elements in traditional culture, creating an immersive poetic and artistic conception, and showing a unique aesthetic style. As a kind of audio-visual art, the central proposition of “poetic narration” in short video is how to transform the ancient content, spiritual concepts and abstract elements of traditional culture into vivid audio-visual images. This requires creators to be good at “taking meaning” from traditional culture, that is, to visualize, lens, and scene the aesthetic concepts in traditional culture such as “quietness”, “magic spirit”, “harmony” and “long distance”. At the same time, we must be good at “taking methods” and make full use of traditional cultural methods such as “blank space”, “freehand brushwork”, “quiet observation” and “epiphany” to form a unique audio-visual narrative style and narrative skills. We must also pay attention to “picturing images”, absorbing elements such as colors, music, and images in traditional culture, and innovatively expressing them in the form of short videos.

The “meaning”, “method” and “image” of traditional culture are organically combined with short video shooting, soundtrack, and special effects, and transformed into understandable and sensible audio-visual images, which not only help to attract audiences in a delicate and unique form, but also It has multiple meanings such as aesthetic edification, cultural inheritance, and value expression.

At present, there are a large number of short video works, but there are not many excellent works that can truly combine the characteristics and advantages of short videos with excellent traditional culture. Short video creators should make good use of the function of connecting modernity and tradition, absorb nutrition from traditional culture, create more meaningful and interesting short video works, construct a space of empathy between tradition and modernity, activate people’s collective memory, and show The traditional Chinese aesthetic style inherits the value of Chinese culture.

“Guangming Daily” (version 09, August 19, 2023)

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