Constitutional complaint about self-cultivation | DHV News #253

The Hemp Association video news from 06/19/2020 0:00 • Moderation 1:10 • DHV shop online again 1:43 • Medicine petition now started online 3:39 • Niema Movassat no longer competes 5:26 • Cologne against CBD 9 :06 • Guerrilla-Growing in Berghausen (NRW) 10:42 • Federal Social Court disadvantages those with statutory insurance 12:15 • Further constitutional complaints filed 15:14 • Hannes Jaenicke for legalization 16:29 • Bremen approves test order for cannabis pilot project 18:10 • Netherlands are looking for growers for a model project 20:07 • Religiously stoned in Israel – almost 3,000 years ago 22:00 • Dates & credits ❤️ You want legalization? Help now and become a member! DHV shop: shirts, bags, papers and much more! DHV news without age limit and registration directly on our website: ➡️ Follow us on Vimeo: The soundtrack of the broadcast is available here as an audio podcast for download or to listen to directly: ============= • DHV shop online again Click here for the DHV shop • Medical petition now started online Bundestag petition 109200: No criminal prosecution of patients with a medical certificate on the need for cannabis therapy from April 3rd, 2020 https: acm-mitteilungen-spezial-vom-11-6-2020/ Cannabis Petition 2017: Georg Wurth in the Bundestag • Niema Movassat does not step t more about Niema Movassat, June 15, 2020: Time for change – Personal statement by Niema Movassat on the 2021 federal election 2021 • Cologne against CBD WDR, May 18th, 2020: Targeting hemp: Cologne bans CBD products • Guerrilla Growing in Berghausen (NRW) RP-online, June 15th, 2020: At the edge of a field in Berghausen: the police track down cannabis in the flowering strip -polizei-spuert-cannabis-im-bluehstreifen-in-langenfeld-auf_aid-51658653 • Federal Social Court disadvantages those with statutory insurance DHV, 05.06.2020: Federal Social Court disadvantages those with statutory insurance -insured • Further constitutional complaint filed DHV, 05.06.2020: Cannabis constitutional complaint rde submitted to the Federal Constitutional Court DHV-Justizoffensive DHV, April 20th, 2020: Federal Constitutional Court before examining the cannabis ban DHV Youtube, October 2nd, 2019: Judge Müller on the judicial offensive LIVE with Georg Wurth Q&A =QKa3TMAIKl8 • Hannes Jaenicke for legalization Highway Magazin, June 8th, 2020: Tag24 , June 7th, 2020: Actor Hannes Jaenicke questions the ban on marijuana Bremen resolves test order for cannabis pilot project Weser Kurier, 11.06.2020 0: Cannabis model project in Bremen can come,-cannabismodellprojekt-in-bremen-kann-kommen-_arid,1917746.html Ärztezeitung, June 3rd, 2020: Bundesrat -Initiative – Lassen-409989.html • The Netherlands are looking for growers for the model project Stern, June 9th, 2020: The Netherlands are looking for hemp farmers for Pilot project • Religious pot in Israel – almost 3,000 years ago Reuters, June 1st, 2020: Holy smoke, researchers say cannabis used in ancient Israelite shrine IACM information dated 06. June 2020: Hanf-Magazin, June 2nd, 2020: Cannabis find in 2,700 year old Temple • Dates no more dates in June


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