Constantin calls for the Winterthur game to be restarted

Sion President Christian Constantin does not accept the 0-1 defeat against FC Winterthur last Saturday and is on the barricades because of a referee’s decision.

In an open letter, CC demands a rescheduling of the game. Specifically, Constantin turns to referee boss Daniel Wermelinger and Christophe Girard, the president of the referee committee. In his letter, the 66-year-old writes about “manipulation of the championship”.

The game should therefore be canceled and rescheduled. Because of the overstrained referees in Swiss professional football from Constantin’s point of view, FIFA should also place the Swiss referees under guardianship, “since they distort and manipulate the course of the competition.”

In addition, “neutral experts” are to be deployed in the VAR area to represent the clubs on match days.

The trigger for the letter is a handball penalty for Sion, initially given against Winti, but then withdrawn after a VAR consultation. Constantin claims that referee Luca Cibelli did not see all the necessary scenes because a foul occurred before the handball that should have resulted in a penalty.

After the game, the referee is said to have confirmed to “RTS” that these pictures had not been made available to him.

Constantin’s son Barthélémy claimed that the same scene would have been judged differently in Winterthur.

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2023-05-08 13:46:54


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