Confirmed new Batman movie for the DCU

Confirmed new Batman movie for the DCU

Today was a very important day for DC. After months and controversies, James Gunn, co-president of DC Studios, revealed some of the projects that will be part of the first chapter of the new shared universe of these heroes. Among all the productions that were presented today, one of these is a new movie Batman.

Gunn has made it clear that the Batman coming to the DCU will be different from the one we saw with Robert Pattinson and Ben Affleck. This version of the character will be based on Grant Morrison’s work in the comics.specifically in The Brave And The Bold, where we were introduced to Damian Wayne, the son of the Dark Knight, as a boy trained by the League of Assassins. That was what Gun said about it:

“So this is the introduction of the DCU’s Batman. It’s not Robert Pattinson. It’s not Ben Affleck. This is the story of Damian Wayne, who is the actual son of Batman, who we didn’t know existed for the first eight to 10 years of his life. He was raised as a little assassin and killer. He is a little son of a bitch. He is my favorite Robin. He is based on the Grant Morrison comic series, which is one of my favorite Batman series. And we’re putting all that together right now.”

Thus, The new Batman movie will be the first time since 1995 that Robin will appear in form in a film of this property. This is not all, since this is the beginning of the Bat-family. Although at the moment there are no details related to the actors who will play the father and son of this story, nor its release date, this paints a positive future for the DCU.

James Gunn has pointed out that the first chapter of the new DCU will be called “Gods and Monsters”, where we will see a greater focus on some of the lesser-known characters in comics, although projects related to Superman, Supergirl and Green Lantern are also planned, in addition to the Batman movie. On related topics, the name and release date for the sequel to The Movie have been confirmed. Batman.


Editor’s Note:

Although the new DCU projects are years away, and many details a mystery, the confidence and passion with which Gunn delivered these projects paints a positive picture. Considering that this universe is planned for the next eight or 10 years, there is still a lot to know.

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