Condom. Young athletes on pointe

The Athletics SAC offered a great participation with 6 youngest and youngest members of the club in the regional final of Occitanie des Pointes d’or in triathlon in Castres. The heat and the very strong wind did not prevent the young athletes from surpassing themselves in their efforts to give the best of themselves.

As youngsters 77 selected throughout the region were at the start of the competition. Achille Duthil-Baudéan ranks 15th overall with 95 points. Marc Lobert finishes 30th with 83 points.

In youngest, 83 selected were present to represent the entire region. Lyla Robin takes 6th place in the general classification with 104 points, Louna Tircazes finishes 36th with 85 points, Julia Pautrel and Stella Gonzalez, respectively 60th and 61st, with 79 and 78 points.

This group of 6, Achille, Marc, Lyla, Louna, Stella, Julia, continued their sporting journey in Foix on the athletics track, to compete in the final of the Regional Championships of Occitania by individual event, so the club took part in L’Isle-Jourdain at the final of the Summer Departmental Challenge with the categories: Athletics awakening, Poussins 1, Poussins 2. A busy but enthusiastic end to the season for the SAC.


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