Concert series “Music makes courage” in Wanfried enthusiastic visitors

The wind concert attracted many visitors to the Protestant church in Wanfried. The musicians presented pieces such as “The noise ebbs” and “Let’s all praise the Lord”.

© Eden Sophie Rimbach

The trumpets slowly let one of the Scandinavian titles of the evening fade away before the audience thanks the wind octet Eschwege with resounding applause for the variety of pieces on this evening. A festive wind concert as part of “Music Makes Courage” attracted around 60 to 70 people to Wanfried’s town church on Sunday evening.

Wanfried – As the first event of this kind in a long time, Predicant Wolf-Arthur Kalden announced the benefit concert, welcomed the octet with director Andreas Batram, who had also proposed that it take place that evening. In addition to “Music makes courage”, the date – the Day of German Unity – fits for a second reason, as Kalden explained: “At the same time, Germany is singing today.”

Although the audience did not sing, they expected an evening song called “Der Lärm ebbbt”, the first and second stanza of which Batram read – the latter referred to the reference to the Day of German Unity. Solemn sounds filled the church when the trumpeters Tobias Fleischhut, Sara Wehowsky, Juliane and Paula Batram, the trombonists Andreas Jahn, Andreas Batram and Marlies Brehm as well as Götz Bücker, who could be heard on tuba and trombone that evening , played a piece by Giovanni Gabrieli. At the beginning, Batram explained that, apart from this composer, everyone who played pieces that evening is still alive. A quieter, solemn “Praise the Lord” in the baroque style could then be heard in the church. It became picturesque with Jakob de Haan’s “Yellow Mountains”. Some of the instruments alternated and then together they let the sound be felt throughout the church.

The octet was actually created spontaneously for a performance as part of the musical Vespers in Eschwege, as Batram explained. Because of the pandemic, it was not possible to play with all members of the Eschweg trombone choir. For the concert in Wanfried, Andreas Jahn joined the members who had already performed together at Vespers. It became particularly rhythmic towards the end of the evening when the octet played an infectious “Let’s all praise the Lord” by Richard Roblee, bright tones and a piercing bass filled the church. Kalden thanked him for the music of the evening and for the fact that the audience could learn that there is also a pluralism of styles in modern times. After resounding applause, the octet played an additional piece and received positive reactions that evening. (Eden Sophie Rimbach)


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