ComunioPodcast – Episode 156: Bayern cancels the title race

ComunioPodcast – Episode 156: Bayern cancels the title race

There was a lot going on in the last few meters in the winter transfer window. The collapsed Isco deal from Union Berlin made almost as many headlines as the signing of Joao Cancelo from FC Bayern. Flo and Ralf classify what is happening and look forward to the coming weekend.

The Podcast League Table!

The preview of the games of the 19th matchday can be found under the following chapter markers:

Augsburg – Leverkusen (09:12)
Dortmund – Freiburg (19:51)
Union – Mainz (31:30)
Cologne – Leipzig (42:43)
Frankfurt – Hertha (54:13)
Bochum – Hoffenheim (01:03:47)
Gladbach – Schalke (01:10:44)
Stuttgart – Bremen (01:20:05)
Wolfsburg – Bayern (01:30:36)

Finally, the top 3 of the week is about worthwhile purchases with a view to the English weeks that are now starting.

And this is how Ralf and Flo guess the 19th matchday:

Augsburg – Leverkusen Ralf: 2:2, Flo 1:2
Dortmund – Freiburg Ralf: 3: 1, Flo 3: 2
Union – Mainz Ralf: 2:0, Flo 1:1
Cologne – Leipzig Ralf: 2: 3, Flo 1: 1
Frankfurt – Hertha Ralf: 1:2, Flo 4:1
Bochum – Hoffenheim Ralf: 2:1, Flo 1:1
Gladbach – Schalke Ralf: 2: 2, Flo 3: 0
Stuttgart – Bremen Ralf: 2:1, Flo 3:2
Wolfsburg – Bayern Ralf: 1:4, Flo 1:1

In between, of course, Thomas Doll, Uli Hoeneß and Co. also add their two cents. Have fun!

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