completely wet, Georgina Rodriguez revealed her attributes (photos)

completely wet, Georgina Rodriguez revealed her attributes (photos)

It’s no secret that Georgina Rodriguez, despite having two beautiful daughters, has a spectacular body, a figure that she achieved thanks to the constant exercises she devotes daily and a balanced diet.

Georgina Rodriguez is enjoying a few days off, and to keep her followers up to date with how it went, she shared photos and videos from her wonderful vacation, but an image of the model has revolutionized social media where she boasts of a slim and toned figure wearing a tiny black two-piece bikini that reveals her powerful reasons.

It was through her Instagram profile that the mother of Bella Esmeralda and Alana published all the details of her fantastic vacation, where she appears very happy in some images next to Cristiano and all her children.

But it was a single image that grabbed all the attention and praise from thousands of followers, the much-talked-about video is the one where Georgina appears, lying face down on an electric surfboard, but eyes focused the plus was her tiny bikini that exposed her lower back.

We know well that Georgina Rodríguez does not waste time showing off her incredible figure, a few days ago she showed the exercises she does with weights to tone the back of her body, in addition to having a balanced diet.

On this occasion, the business woman made everyone fall in love with the gym, where she wore pink micro shorts while carrying a weight, there is no doubt that La Jaca knows perfectly well how to speed up the heartbeat of his fans.

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