Coming to Netflix “Red Alert”, an action comedy starring Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson

Released on November 12, the film casts the Rock in the role of a cop who must team up with a treacherous ex-professional criminal played by Reynolds. Together they must learn to live together to catch the cunning Gal Gadot, who is the world’s most ruthless art thief.

Now that it has become one of the most relentless forces in the film industry, Netflix is ​​being able to attract the highest caliber stars as the leads of its original stories. We have already seen big stars like Brad Pitt agreeing to star in the streaming giant’s premieres, but not even this legendary heartthrob is capable of matching the trio of stars that Netflix secured for a new project.

It is about none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot.


These three stars of the big screen will bring out all the talents that have made them some of the most beloved and successful performers on screen. “Red alert”, As their new project is called, not only did it require from them all the athletic ability they have shown in their previous roles, but also all their comedic ability.

This is because the film is a cross between action and comedy, an operation to stop a robbery carried out by characters with mouths full of irony.


The plot is built around the character of The Rock, who is an experienced special forces who has been tasked with catching one of the world’s most wanted art thieves. To his annoyance, his bosses forced him to work alongside the character Reynolds, who in his younger days was also an infamous white-collar thief.

This uneven couple must unite when the intelligence channels fire the proverbial “red alert”, signaling that there could be an indication of the whereabouts of the world’s most wanted criminal.


Gal Gadot is the one who will put himself in the body of this cunning art thief, proving that they have both the capacity to play a heroine, as well as a seductive and cunning villain.

Released on November 12 on Netflix, “Red Alert” is billed as the most expensive movie the streaming giant has invested in. This assures us that not only will we have three of the biggest stars working with pleasure, but also a huge budget for top-notch effects and specials and action.

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