Comics: Riad Sattouf wins the Grand Prix at the Angoulême Festival

The work of the Franco-Syrian cannot however be summed up in this touching and funny account of the vicissitudes and doubts of a child and teenager gifted with a pencil, but less for the rest. Riad Sattouf has also set out to draw the life of a young Parisian of today, since she was 10 years old, in The Notebooks of Esther (7 volumes since 2016), and embarked on that of actor Vincent Lacoste (The Young Actor, 1 volume so far). In addition, the author turned into a filmmaker and directed two feature films, The Beautiful Kids (2009), César for best first film, and Jacky in the kingdom of girls (2014). And he is preparing a third, alongside youthful idols: the comic trio of the Unknowns.

This relentless, meticulous worker juggles projects with an ease that is only a facade. In truth, he questions himself all the time. He says he was marked, in high school, by a teacher who had told him: “Sattouf, you have facilities, but you know what happens to those who have facilities and who don’t work?” Since his years as an arts student and then in animation, his rating has continued to climb. The Arab of the future 6 recounts his first steps as an almost anonymous author in comic book festivals, who had only one idea in mind: to come back with another album that would make him known.


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