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Comedian Kim Chul-min dies, aged 54 (Source: DJ Hashim SNS)

[천지일보=박혜옥 기자] Comedian and singer Kim Chul-min’s death was strictly observed on the 18th. Jangji is a forest of serenity in Yongin.

Kim Chul-min passed away on the 16th in the hospice ward of the nuclear power hospital while battling terminal lung cancer. at the age of 54.

Kim Chul-min communicated with his fans through SNS even during his difficult battle with the disease. In August, Kim Chul-min posted on SNS, “The state of cancer cells spreading all over the body. But he doesn’t give up and perseveres. I will hold out till the end Everyone, always be healthy and happy.”

Afterwards, on the 10th, Kim Chul-min finally posted on his Facebook, “Thanks to you, I was happy. Thank you. I love you,” he hinted at parting, making the fans cry.

The mourning and mourning of many fellow entertainers followed the death of the deceased.

On the 18th, best friend DJ Hashim posted on his Instagram, “I posted one last meal to #HeavenlyHeartChulmin. Let’s eat deliciously and see you in heaven,” he said to the deceased.

He continued, “After a while, I stopped at Daehak-ro and went to Jangji. Thank you and thank you for your love and support for Cheolmin. Have a good day and I will greet you separately.”

Comedian Im Jong-guk said, “My junior, Cheol-min, passed away at around 2 PM after going back and forth between hospitals and Yangpyeong Nursing Homes and receiving outpatient treatment.”

Comedian Gi-soo Byun said, “When I went to Daehangno, I always went to the concert hall to see Kim Cheol-min who used to make people laugh with a guitar outdoors. Now, you can laugh as much as you can in the sky.”

Comedian Kim Won-hyo said, “Brother, go to a good place and laugh more. Thank you for making me laugh.”

Comedian Jeong Jong-cheol said, “Brother. An older brother who always gave us happy smiles and generously gave his skills to his juniors when performing. Please be happy in heaven.”

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