combine fitness with live music, first live with MonnaE

Fitness with live music by young aspiring artists. A successful experiment at Aspire Custom Fitness, which last Saturday hosted the first official musical event of MonnaElisa, a rising star who made a name for herself on the national music scene with the final of Sanremo Giovani 2023. Located in Forlì in via Gorizia 141, Aspire Custom Fitness has become the protagonist of an unprecedented initiative that flawlessly combines physical well-being with the intoxicating power of music.

Thanks to the visionary leadership of the music manager and head of the Demodé Cultural Association, Andrea Marelli, this gym is the first to offer an integrated platform for young aspiring artists who wish to showcase their musical talent and at the same time take care of their physical fitness. “The concept was born from a series of events, proof of great success, in which gym-goers were able to enjoy “extraordinary” workouts accompanied by live music by these guys – explains Alessandro Resch, club, fitness center manager – All combined with the expert management of Aspire’s expert trainers, Giada Valentini and Massimiliano Resch, has made it possible to adapt the already unique routines of the Custom Fitness to the even more engaging melodies of live music, creating an unprecedented fitness experience”.

The event, opened by another budding young talent, Gregorio Oliva, saw gym members and music enthusiasts gather to witness MonnaE’s electrifying performance. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as she took the stage, mesmerizing the audience with her captivating voice and her infectious energy. It was an evening of pure synergy, where the boundaries between fitness and music merged, resulting in an unforgettable experience for all present.

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Andrea Marelli, the mastermind of this innovative proposal, expressed his satisfaction in providing a context for emerging musicians to develop their talent and at the same time take care of their physical well-being. “At Aspire Custom Fitness, we believe that true artistry extends beyond the confines of a recording studio or concert hall,” comments Marelli. “By integrating live music with Custom Fitness programs, we create a space where young artists can thrive physically and artistically, fostering a dynamic and supportive community.”

The collaboration between Aspire Custom Fitness and Demodé, in Forlì, has proved to be a perfect match helping to try to bridge the gap between the music industry and the fitness community. Demodé is an absolutely transversal youth cultural and social reality that has been alive for more than 10 years. A meeting point for young people with the mission of creating healthy spaces and moments for everyone: real listening points for artistic, sporting and any other type of expression needs, always respecting diversity and exalting it. Here, for example, he saw the potential in merging the worlds of fitness and music, providing aspiring musicians with an opportunity to showcase their talents and build a fan base within the gym environment.

Aspire Custom Fitness plans to continue hosting regular events featuring live performances by up-and-coming artists, giving them a stage to shine as they inspire gym-goers to stay healthy and pursue their training goals. “Aspire-to-inspire” is the pioneering thinking that has redefined the boundaries of what a gym can offer, creating an environment that not only cultivates physical well-being, but also nurtures artistic expression and community spirit.

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