“Color Explosions” on Stage – Shen Yun Spectators Impressed

The curtain for Shen Yun in Graz opened one last time on Saturday – with a firework of colors and impressions.

Dancing fairies, graceful heroes, gorgeous colors. The impressions that the New York artist ensemble Shen Yun leaves on its audience are varied.

Benedikt Staritz, who works in the media and edits videos and photos, attended the show in Graz with Andrea Fernández. “I really liked the music” and the “color explosions with the scarves,” he said.

“And the animation,” interjected his companion.

“Exactly, the transitions to the animations,” confirmed Staritz enthusiastically. “How they did it, between music, animation and dance, that it’s all so perfectly timed!”

He also found the dance stories “really touching”. Although there was no speaker, he understood everything well, also through the facial expressions conveyed by the dancers.

Event manager inspired by team spirit

Event manager Andreas Hofer visited Shen Yun with his wife Tina, who is currently studying human energy.

The stories that were told [waren] very authentic and beautifully presented with the colors, the music and everything that was in the correlation – so super beautiful, it’s really recommended to watch,” said Tina Hofer.

“The colors, the dances […] and simply combining the movements with the music. Everything is so precise.” Everything is really well coordinated.

“Every movement synchronously, if it was asynchronous, then it was wanted,” her husband underlined the performance. He also praised the bilingual moderation. At no point was it boring.

“I spent the first dances with tears in my eyes. I’m a very emotional person. I absorb such images or dances, where there is a lot of work behind it, or music that just has heart and soul in it,” said Tina Hofer.

The whole music, the stage design and “the good vibes” that emanated from the dances, their movements and the music impressed Tina Hofer just as much as “the love for detail, the love for dance, the love especially for the colors “.

She explained: “One worries, everyone who participates worries, how should the colors of the clothes be? How should the music be? How the dance? There is a lot of emotion and love behind it; something like that just touches me.”

Tina Hofer finds it “much more valuable to teach the children something like this than television, radio or any computer games.”

Her husband agreed. By depicting the scene in which young people were shown remotely controlled with their mobile phones, the contrast was clearly felt.

“The spirit of the times was also captured nicely when, back then – when you had more time – you had more cultural appreciation [entgegenbrachte].” Due to the media and media consumption, be it via mobile phone, tablet or whatever, society is drifting away from it.

“We think we can win a lot,” said Andreas Hofer. But as far as the cultural background is concerned, you also lose a lot.

He added: “People have to be kind and nice to each other. You have to appreciate our culture, no matter which region you come from right now.”

“The team is only good when everyone really does their best,” Shen Yun showed the event manager. It’s not about competition among each other, but about team spirit. “The set designers, the decorators, the art director, music director. It’s just nice to look at something like that. And then to see a cultural and emotionalizing stage context, that’s just nice.”#

But the artist ensemble also conveyed “a core of seriousness” through its scenes, which, for example, depicted organ harvesting in China or a tsunami wave in the future.

“You can see it as a bit of a wake-up call,” said Tina Hofer. This way you can see in which direction things are going if you just look at your cell phone and no longer perceive your surroundings.”

You have to “just become aware again […] – Take your phone away and get out into nature,” she said.

The Buddhas, Daos and deities that appeared on the stage and could be seen in the 3D animated background particularly touched the future Human Energetician – also the old belief that people are connected to each other as if by threads and “that one simply together as a collective can so to speak rise”.

It is the task of people to work together to “ensure a good frequency on earth”.

Physiotherapist enthusiastic about world-class level

Werner Zobernig, sports coach and physical therapist for professional athletes, first came into contact with classical Chinese dance through Shen Yun. He himself is enthusiastic about dance and sports.

His daughters are active in rhythmic gymnastics. There are only six dancers there. With the Shen Yun artists, on the other hand, there were a large number on the stage and “in such exact synchronicity, that was fascinating. I don’t want to know how many years they practice.”

When he learned that there are now seven Shen Yun touring companies traveling around the world, he was impressed.

“Dance is actually the most beautiful way of expressing one’s body.” He also liked the choreography and the animated stage background.

Looking back on his experience with professional athletes, he said, “Any discipline, if it’s really world class, it’s like this harmony in dance. Then it looks weightless.” (sua)

More appearances by Shen Yun to follow in Füssen, Mannheim and Frankfurt:

Shen Yun Performances 2022:

5. – 8. May 2022 Fussen, Germany
10. – 12. May 2022 Mannheim, Deutschland
31. May – 3. June 2022 Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland

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