Colomiers. The Bassac trail celebrates its 10th anniversary

Mac’Adam, the columérine association created more than 30 years ago, has been organizing since 2012 a nature race historically called Boucle du Bassac then Trail du Bassac which brings together around 600 participants each year, all running enthusiasts.

After a 2021 edition canceled due to the health crisis, 2022 symbolizes the 10th anniversary of the columérin event. Its president, Philippe Poilblan, remembers the beginnings “which immediately met with great success. Originally, we wanted, in addition to the race on the boulevards of Colomiers in September, to offer a different race and make the best use of the green areas of the town, then unknown to many columérins”.

In the early 2010s, races connected to nature were very fashionable, so the public was there from the first edition. “We started with two races, one of 10 km accessible for the greatest number, and one of 18 km for the most seasoned”. The departure is always from Lake Perget and its Dovecote, well known today and anchored in Colomiers, “but 95% of our route is made up of paths”, specifies the president of the association.

In the program

Once again this year, runners will be able to embark on a nocturnal getaway on Saturday evening, which must be combined with one of the Sunday morning races. “As usual, the course is intended to be fun, everyone will find something for themselves, recalls Philippe Poilblan. The Trail du Bassac is an eco-responsible race where the key word remains conviviality thanks to the unfailing investment of our 55 members and the help of nearly 80 volunteers who will be there, among other things, to offer supplies that make our reputation, made up of local products.”

It is still possible to register until March 12 for one of the two races, a “very rolling” 10 km or an 18 km with its 250 m of elevation gain and a few reminders which will be appreciated by mogul lovers. In addition, the possibility of participating in the night race. A hike for walkers is also on the program.

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