Colomiers. Integration: Jean-Marc Thomas rewarded

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Former president of Airbus France and the association Envoi, Jean-Marc Thomas received, Monday evening, the medal of the National Assembly for his commitment to the service of integration and people with disabilities.

A brilliant career in aeronautics allowed the young engineer Jean-Marc Thomas to rise to the highest responsibilities. Head of the A319, A320 and A321 programs within Aerospace, he will hold the prestigious post of Chairman of Airbus France. However, it is his commitment to serving others, as president of the Envoi Insertion et Handicap association, which won him the medal of the National Assembly on Monday evening.

“This is the first year that I have decided to award the medal of the National Assembly to people whose deep commitment I notice,” explains Monique Iborra, MP for the 6th constituency of Haute-Garonne who went to the premises of Envoi in Colomiers. “I immediately saw the action of Jean-Marc Thomas for others. He is a model to follow, a hope. He shows that it is possible to bring together the economic and the social through an action that does not is not charity”.

A minister’s message

After the MP’s compliments, the new Minister of Local Authorities, Dominique Faure, praised the recipient through a video message. “You have been a huge leader in the field of research and social dialogue but also a great volunteer,” said the former deputy of Haute-Garonne and mayor of Saint-Orens-de-Gameville.

On these good words, Jean-Marc Thomas welcomed, with the modesty that characterizes him, a collective action. “It is an honor to receive this medal but beyond my person it is a question of celebrating all the human values ​​that Envoi represents”, he explains. “The association has moved from the field of integration to that of disability in a process of social inclusion. The activity continued in the prison world. Today, Envoi has become an industrial group of 130 people capable of responding to all calls for tenders while retaining its DNA, its social soul of integration through work”.

Envoi Insertion et Handicap even plans to quickly reach 150 employees by continuing to diversify its activity.


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