Colomiers. Avokoté becomes Dom Confort

With Alain Gasquet at its head, the columérine home help structure changes its name, without denying its principles: “we remain a structure on a human scale where the human remains at the heart of our concerns”. Dom Confort adds to its list a new agency located on Allée du Sisteron.

For this former rugby player, man of values, “backed by a carefully considered professional retraining after a first life as a general engineer, my career has led me to put the social dimension, mutual aid and solidarity at the center of my professional principles. So in 2014, with a fierce desire to undertake, I created an agency specializing in personal services before moving closer 7 years later to Dom Confort and giving a new dimension to my structure” with his meeting with Samuel Ribadeau Dumas, medico-social executive, and manager since 2017. Created in 2012, Dom Confort now has three other agencies in Haute Garonne and Tarn et Garonne.

Open since the beginning of January, the columérine agency mainly offers personal assistance, home care and housing maintenance services. “We are convinced with Samuel Ribadeau Dumas that the needs in Colomiers are real and are not about to diminish over time. We impose ourselves to establish a relationship of trust with our beneficiaries. We are serious in recruitment in order to put the right person in the right place and want to be a strong local player in the field” concludes Alain Gasquet.

Interventions in Colomiers and neighboring towns. Information – [email protected]

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