Collection in Huércal to help the victims of La Palma

Hundreds of homes buried under 15 meters of volcanic lava and thousands of people evacuated is the result of the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, in La Palma. Since last September 19, the world has watched in amazement the tragic beauty of a river of lava that does not stop. Nor does the wave of solidarity that runs through the country and other parts of Europe and America to help those affected by the volcanic crisis cease.

Huércal de Almería is one of the first municipalities in the province that has not hesitated to help the thousands of families who have lost their homes. In the first five days of collecting basic necessities, more than fifty cardboard boxes were already waiting at the entrance of the Social Center for the Third Age of the town, a point established for the collection of basic necessities that relieve in certain measure the current situation of the residents of the island of La Palma.

In them, basic necessities from non-perishable foods, especially pasta and legumes, water, oil, milk, baby food; personal hygiene products for all ages; bedding, pillows and pet food, and is that many of the people with pets who were evacuated could not take their animals with them, which are gradually evacuated from the affected areas and are collected by different entities. As a preventive measure due to the current health situation due to COVID-19, you cannot donate used clothing or footwear.

Isabel Vicente Sánchez is one of the volunteers who is in charge of receiving and organizing the donated material to make it reach those affected by the eruption of the volcano in Cumbre Vieja. “People don’t stop coming to bring everything. Young people and middle-aged people is the profile of people who are turning the most to help ”, he explained.

This campaign to collect basic necessities, promoted by the Huercalense City Council in collaboration with Jusapol Social, who have been given a municipal warehouse so that they can move all the products until they get everything necessary to fill a container and be able to carry out the transfer to La Palma has been a resounding success.

Isabel, in addition to volunteering to help as much as possible during this campaign, has not hesitated to make a large donation of school supplies. “I have donated more than thirty backpacks, both with wheels for the little ones and backpacks. and shoulder bags for children and adolescents ”, he pointed out.

This collection campaign has been located in the Social Center for the Third Age of the town.



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