Collapsed on set: the day Jada Pinkett Smith hit rock bottom and forever changed her life

Since a time ago, Jada Pinkett Smith She is completely devoted to her new program “Red Table Talk”, which is broadcast on Facebook and in which she shares the driving with her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Joes, and her daughter, Willow Smith. There, the three generations are in charge of investigating deep themes and the main attraction is the strong revelations that, from time to time, come out of the mouths of their cheerleaders.

The actress was born on September 18, 1971 in Baltimore.

Without a doubt, the strongest moment of the show was starred Will Smith’s wife when in a last opportunity, he detailed his long path of addictions and told how it was that he managed to hit rock bottom and reverse that dark chapter in his life. “For me, drinking red wine was like drinking a glass of water. I got used to the strong. I drank a lot of alcohol in high school and when I got out of it, I started mixing everything, “he confessed Smith, who also rubbed shoulders with illicit substances.



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