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Coke Happiness Monument

by drbyos

Together with Klub7 and Clemens Behr, we designed the Happiness Monument at the Brandenburg Gate as part of the Coke SoundUp Festival on October 2nd, 2011. The users were able to send their reasons for believing in a better world via YouTube, and we implemented them visually. We animated the various characters from the Klub7 illustrations and supplemented these pre-rendered clips with generative animations and visuals. The vvvv and Vertigo software were used for the display and projection. Since both illustrations and installations were only created live on site, it was particularly exciting for us to project the constantly changing work of art into account. Client: Coca Cola GmbH Germany – http://www.coke.de Agency: McCann Erickson Deutschland GmbH – http://mccann.de Illustrations: http://klub7.de Animation / Mapping / Projection: http: // Schnellbuntebilder .de / http://ingolfheinsch.de Installations: http://www.clemensbehr.com Film material: http://www.schuhwerkmedia.com / http://www.editudepictures.de / http://schnellebuntebilder.de Music: Skyence “Weak Hand” – http://audionerve.de

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