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  New Hainan Client, Nanhai Net, and Nanguo Metropolis Daily News on January 15 (Reporter Wang Ziyao Correspondent Xu Shenglan) On January 15, Haikong Global Boutique Duty Free City, one of the main operators of the duty-free business in the outlying islands of Hainan, celebrated its one-year anniversary. A variety of themed birthday events such as free single prizes, thousand-yuan points, and gifts when entering the store, as well as the “Anniversary” discount special event, attracted a large number of citizens and tourists, detonated the year-end consumption boom in Hainan, and further released the outlying island duty-free market on the eve of the Spring Festival. consumption potential.

On January 15, Haikong Global Boutique Duty Free City celebrated its first anniversary. Photo by reporter Wu Xingcai.

  The reporter saw at the scene that the entire duty-free city was newly decorated, with red and gold as the main color, festive and peaceful, with a giant store cake model standing in the center of the shopping mall, auspicious clouds, folding fans, screens, glazed tiles, blessing stickers and portraits of the Year of the Tiger and other countries. The tide elements make the majority of passengers feel the strong “New Year’s taste” in advance. Ms. Yan, who came to Haikou on a business trip from Taiyuan, Shanxi, told reporters: “This time I came to Haikou on a business trip and wanted to buy some duty-free goods as my Spring Festival gifts. It happened to coincide with the anniversary of Shanghai Control’s global duty-free boutique, so I could enjoy discounts and also I am very happy to be able to participate in the store celebration activities, and I hope to enjoy the joy of the store celebration, so that everything goes well in the new year.”

 Haikong global boutique duty-free city showcase.Photographed by the reporter Prince

Haikong Global Boutique Duty Free City is full of New Year’s flavors.Photographed by the reporter Prince

  It is understood that in order to further promote the sales of the Hainan duty-free market during the Spring Festival and give back to the vast number of tourists, Haikong Global Boutique Duty Free City has launched ten gifts in conjunction with the first anniversary store celebration. On the day of the store celebration on January 15th, a single payment of over 4,000 yuan can participate in the free-order welfare lottery at a specific time period, and the maximum tax-free limit of 100,000 yuan can be waived. From January 8th to 20th, on-site participation in various brand pop-up store activities can be Enjoy many gifts.

Haikong Global Boutique Duty Free City is full of New Year’s flavors.Photographed by the reporter Prince

Consumers shop in Haikong Global Boutique Duty Free City.Photographed by the reporter Prince

  As an emerging operating entity of Hainan Outlying Islands Duty Free, Haikong Global Boutique Duty Free City has been committed to creating a brand-differentiated outlying island duty-free high-end shopping destination since its opening last year. The first and second phases have been successfully opened within one year. The area has expanded from 3,000 square meters to more than 30,000 square meters. On the basis of the original fragrance, wine, electronic products, and glasses, the categories have added bags, accessories, toys, watches, etc., realizing the full coverage of the duty-free products in the outlying islands. The more than 100 opened in the first phase have developed into nearly 300 international first-line brands in the second phase. Among them, See by Chloe and Rituals (ceremony) are the first to enter the duty-free market in the outlying islands of Hainan. Stuart Weitzman, Stuart Weitzman, Brands such as Pan Heiligan, URBAN DECAY, Christian Louboutin (Christian Louboutin) have opened the first duty-free store on the outlying islands in the Haikou area, which has also further improved the level of duty-free business and consumer experience in the outlying islands of Hainan.

  Starting from this year, Haikong Global Boutique Duty Free City will continue to deepen the introduction of brand differentiation, focusing on the elements of youth, trend, fashion, etc., focusing on introducing international first-line brands in fragrance, electronics, wine and boutique categories to create a brand that is suitable for young people. The outlying island duty-free format of consumption concept constantly enriches the supply-side reform of outlying island duty-free products. The person in charge of the duty-free city said that this year, Haikong Global Boutique Duty-free City will further create a “world of wine” themed atmosphere based on the current L3-floor wine special. In addition to expanding consumer-grade wine brands, it will focus on introducing Alcoholic products with vintage collection value and personal customization services to meet different consumer needs. It is worth noting that the Capricorn Phase III of Haikong Global Boutique Duty Free City is also expected to be completed within this year, providing consumers with more abundant brand categories and a more unique shopping experience, and continuing to make outlying islands duty-free products in brands, The varieties and prices are in line with the international “three synchronizations”, which will help the progress of the duty-free industry in Hainan’s outlying islands and the construction and development of the free trade port. copyright notice:
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