Cloud Gaming is now launched on Xbox

This week, Microsoft has begun rolling out Cloud Gaming on the Xbox Series X and S, as well as the Xbox One. The service will first be available in Norway and 24 other countries, and requires an active subscription to Game Pass Ultimate to be used.

Roll out gradually

On the website, the Xbox team writes that they are overwhelmed after an exciting week celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Xbox, but that they have more news to share as they take it one step further towards the goal of bringing gaming to more people, no matter where they are and how they want to play.

The news is that Xbox Cloud Gaming in beta is finally on the Xbox consoles, both the current generation and Xbox One. This means that the entire selection in Game Pass can be played directly from the cloud if you subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate. Initially, the service will be available to a selection of users in the supported regions, while it will gradually become available to more people in the coming weeks.

Save space or try demos?

The service brings benefits in the form of both space savings on your console and easier access to games and demos that you no longer need to download. It is at all useful to have the opportunity to try out a game before deciding to allocate tens of gigabytes to store it locally.

If you’m still stuck on the previous generation Xbox, either voluntarily or as a consequence of the shortage of game consoles and other electronic products, you can take advantage of the new service to stream games that are basically exclusive to the new generation. Examples of games below are Recompile, The Medium and The Riftbreaker.

Early in 2022, the Microsoft Flight Simulator will also be added to the selection.

Busy week for Microsoft

In other Xbox news this week, Microsoft has both made sure to launch the multiplayer part of Halo Infinite straight out of the blue, in addition to ensuring backward compatibility with another 76 games. These include the Max Payne games, Skate 2, Star Wars Jedi Knight II.


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