“Close your legs it’s cold.” The sexist lesson of Marco Montemagno’s video

The video is gone. Neither on Instagram nor on TikTok. And with the video, comments and replies have also disappeared. Marco Montemagno It is one of creator best known on the web. Entrepreneur, consultant and technology expert, in recent years he has established himself social after social with digital marketing tips, pills on the history of technology and interviews with people from various fields, from Roberto Saviano to Matthew McConaughey. The last video, however, was withdrawn after publication. In a clip posted on TikTok and in the Reel section of Instagram, Montemagno provides a series of tips on how women should show themselves on social media. The title was: Because being seen half naked is not a winning strategy. We report here the part of the text, the one that was then the subject of criticism:

“It’s full of little girls showing pears on TikTok and spinning their little asses like that. I open parenthesis, my friends believe in the old uncle. This is not a way of expressing your freedom, it is unfortunately a way of demonstrating a great inferiority because one is unable to do anything but turn the butt. Also because imagine when the fuck you crack and on your tombstone it says “Eh as he showed pears on TikTok he was number one”. I don’t know if you want to be remembered like that ».

The answer to the video

Montemagno has a page Instagram gives 598 thousand followers and a TikTok profile from 173 thousand followers. As soon as the video began to circulate, comments also arrived. Valeria Fonte, a girl active on social media on feminist issues, has posted a video to respond to Montemagno. First he commented complimenting and specifying some contents: “In fact, my video came out of shit and lends itself to interpretations that make no sense.” After a new reply from Valeria Fonte, however, Montemagno closes his comment by saying: “As soon as I have a public position, I will communicate it to you by registered mail (sic) with return receipt. In the meantime, close your legs because it’s cold 🙂 ».

Carolina Are is exactly one of the women described by Montemagno. She is an instructor of Pole dance and on his social profiles @bloggeronpole he publishes videos of his performances. But this is not her main job: she has a PhD in criminology in London, she teaches at a university and as a researcher she has worked on understanding how social networks relate to the female body. We asked her for a comment on Montemagno’s words.

“What’s wrong with the Montemagno video is that a man gives advice to women on how to manage their appearance to be professional. Once again it has fueled a stereotype about what a woman worthy of respect can and cannot do. I have a doctorate, I teach at university and my “buttocks” as he says are everywhere on social media. Our body is not a battlefield ».

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