Climbing holds the rope and soars in Montluçon (Allier)

It’s the little sport that goes up, up, up… Climbing sees his love rating to climb in Montluçon (Allier) lately, in direct contact with what is happening nationally. The local club, Montlucon mountain climbing, who hides in the hall of the Sports Hall, does not know where to turn. And a harness.

The finding

“We have to push the walls! », confirms with a smile the club teacher, Émilie. “There are nineteen new registrants in the adult course for beginners, compared to only five last year,” she calculates. “We also have many children, including again a lot of new ones, it’s been a long time since we had so many. »

The causes

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How to explain the rapid development of a discipline hitherto a bit on the tightrope? “There is already a big Olympic effect”, notes the president of the Montluçonnaise structure, Sylvain Dionnet, in reference to the entry of climbing as an Olympic sport at the Tokyo Games this summer. “A lot of people tell us that they have discovered the practice on TV, then they tried a little on vacation and there they come to the club to take lessons in order to be more independent. »

But this is not the only flame that animates the neo-climbers. “With the Covid the population has a great need for the outdoorsto go out, so nature sports benefit from it”, continues the manager.

” Climbing outdoor combines several activities: a bit of hiking to get to the chosen site; on-site practice; as well as a spirit of sharing and conviviality. You can indulge in it with family or friends. »

Sylvain Dionnet (president of Montluçon mountain climbing)

The result of all this is therefore an upward craze on the side of the Bourbon club. “We total 203 licensed this season, compared to around 160 during the Covid years”, lists Sylvain Dionnet. “And we already have fifteen or sixteen children pre-registered for the start of the school year in September next “. It must be said that with the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, where climbing will once again be present, the soufflé is not about to fall.

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The word to new followers

” It’s sure that the Olympics helped me confirm my choice and to take the plunge because it was really impressive on television, ”recounts Hugo, 18, at the club since last September and crossed upside down on a Monday evening at the Halle des sports during the course for neophytes.

“I’ve always enjoyed it but I’ve never tried it. So when I stopped fencing because of the confinements and decided to change to an outdoor sport, I immediately thought of climbing. »

Hugo (18 years old)

The outdoors is also what attracted Thaïs, 25, also licensed since the fall. ” I wanted an activity related to natureself-transcendence and who can teach me to trust others, which I find difficult to do in everyday life,” she says.

“Climbing forces us to trust others when we are at the top of the wall and someone belays us… The word “belay” is important. »

Thaïs (25 years)

Acquiring insurance, here again is what Séverine, 47, came to look for when she registered for the first time six months ago. “I live in Saint-Genest, near the Rocher de la Buse, so it makes you want to,” she slips. “But before going there, you have to take lessons, because we play a little with his life “, warns the forties. “This is why the club wants to be a trainer”, concludes Sylvain Dionnet. “We don’t do climbing just like that”. Before there are a plethora of steps to climb…

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Text: Luc Barre
Photos: Cécile Champagnat


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