Climate: for 75% of young people, the future is “frightening” –

A major study carried out in several countries wanted to measure the state of mind of 16-25 year olds regarding climate change. And most young people are anxious …

France, UK, Finland, etc.

The survey was conducted by British, Finnish and American researchers, funded by theONG Avaaz. The study, published in The Lancet Planetary Health Tuesday, September 14, based on a survey conducted by the institute Kantar between May and June with 10,000 young people aged 16 to 25, from ten different nations. Namely the France, the UK, the Finland, the Brazil, the Philippines, the Portugal, l’Inde, the Nigeria, or theAustralia, report LCI.

The largest study of its kind conducted on climate concern among young people, it indicates that the climate change and inadequate government responses are “associated with climatic anxiety and distress in many children and young people around the world”.

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The results obtained indicate that pessimism is at the top of the feelings felt. If 83% of respondents believe that protecting the planet is a failure, for 75%, the future is “frightening” (74% in France and up to 92% at Philippines).

Then, 56% of respondents even judge that “humanity is doomed” after all these years of industrial activity having caused the rise in temperatures. Also, 39% of the 10,000 questioned do not want to have children in this context.

For the researchers who conducted the study, these psychological stressors threaten “health and well-being and could be interpreted as morally damaging and unjust”.

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