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Climate activist on hunger strike for five weeks

by drbyos

The climate activist wants to stay on hunger strike “as long as possible”.

Climate activist Krumpeck has been on hunger strike for five weeks. She wants to go on as long as she can on Heldenplatz in Vienna.

The climate activist Martha Krumpeck is already on hunger strike for the fifth week at WienerHeldenplatz. “I’ll keep going as long as I can,” she told the APA. The molecular biologist wants to put an end to the “ecocide” with her strike. Specifically, she is primarily concerned with preventing the Lobau motorway.

Hunger strike meanwhile extremely stressful

In the meantime, the hunger strike has become extremely stressful for Krumpeck. “The heat in particular got me down a lot,” said the activist. However, her health is regularly checked by employees of the Arbeiter Samariter Bund, and she also drinks a fruit juice enriched with salt and minerals every day. “Physically I am still fine, but I have hardly any body fat and my circulation is very weak,” said Krumpeck.

In the meantime there was also a conversation with an employee of Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ). “It was only lip service. I was assured that my hunger strike would be taken very seriously,” said the molecular biologist. A suspension of the Lobau Autobahn project is not on the agenda, although many well-known experts considered the construction counterproductive – and above all harmful to the climate. “Science is trampled on here,” said Krumpeck.

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Activist moves on to Josefplatz

Tomorrow, Thursday, the activist will move with her big sign from Heldenplatz to Josefplatz, because Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Austrian World Summit” is taking place in the Spanish Riding School. “I have nothing against the conference,” emphasized the molecular biologist. She would only criticize if the participants arrive in private jets.

The activist does not have a deadline for her hunger strike. “I’ll keep going as long as I can,” she said. “You see how desperate I am.”


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