Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers LIVE online broadcast NOW Week 6 NFL (0-24) | 10/18/2020

2Q 05:43

2Q 06:17

Conner dodges tackles down the middle and gains just over 10 yards. The Steelers are already in the field goal zone

2Q 07:41

Mayfield rushes and Cameroon Soto makes the interception near midfield. Great position for the Steelers

2Q 10:13

Beckham with the reception of 12 yards, reaching to drag his feet to move the chains

TD Steelers 17-0

2Q 10:28

2Q 11:06

Big Ben and Claypool’s bombshell with the reception inside the 5-yard line. The Steelers with first and goal

2Q 12:24

Ebron with the reception in midfield and the Steelers offense begins to react

2Q 13:23

They take Smith-Schuster from the mask and the Browns give away the first and ten

2Q 13:53

Conner with the carry from left to right to go out and gain 15 yards, leaving the compromised zone

2Q 14:11

Mayfield escapes capture, but throws incomplete and will be fourth down. To clear

End of the first quarter

1Q 01:12

They deflect the ball to Roethlisberger and again the Steelers three and out. To clear

1Q 02:44

Incomplete pass from Beckham, who can’t get off his feet in time. Fourth down

1Q 03:26

Bush with the catch and the Browns will have third and long

1Q 04:45

Hunt exploiting the gap and gain 11 yards to enter enemy territory

1Q 05:17

Mayfield with his first complete pass to move the chains

1Q 06:15

Roethlisberger is sacked on third down and the Steelers will have to punt

1Q 08:04

Dupree with the catch on third down and the Browns offense is not walking. Browns to clear

TD Steelers 10-0

1Q 08:58

1Q 10:15

1Q 10:38

High pass from Ben Roethlisberger on third down and they will settle for a field goal

1Q 12:08

Short carry from Conner, but enough to move the chains and be very close to the red zone

1Q 13:31

Conner with a delay, the gaps are opened and the band explodes to gain 11 yards

1Q 14:18

On third down, good pass from Big Ben to Washington to get the first and ten of the game

1Q 15:00

Starts the match. Steelers on offense

In minutes…

We are very close to the start of the game of the week between the Browns and the Steelers

The defeat

The only loss to the Browns was in week one, on the road and against a divisional rival, as they lost 38-6 to the Baltimore Ravens

To the office

For supremacy

The Steelers lead the division with a 4-0 record, but very close are the Ravens and Browns with a 4-1 record, which is why this game is key to the future of the AFC North.

To break the hex

The Browns haven’t won at Heinz Field since 2003. That year, Ben Roethlisberger was still playing in college.

To follow…



Ready the field


We also present the list of the Browns players who will not be present:
No. 33 S Ronnie Harrison
No. 42 S Karl Joseph
No. 50 LB Jacob Phillips
No. 77 G Wyatt Teller
No. 91 DE Joe Jackson
No. 96 DE Vincent Taylor


Warming up

We started

The NFL week 6 game is here. The Steelers expose their undefeated victory over the Browns in a key game for the leadership of the AFC North

Do not detach from here

In a few moments we will share all the details of the Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers as well as the latest information from Heinz Field. Do not miss details of the match with the minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.


Cleveland hasn’t won at Pittsburgh since 2003. The Steelers have won three of the last five and lead the series 76-59-1.

Where and how to watch Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers online and live

Watch out for this Steelers player

Watch out for this Browns player

With hobby

The Steelers for the second time this season will have the support of 7,500 people, who will be chosen from among the subscribers

Baltimore will be on the lookout

The Ravens will be watching what happens in this game, as the top of the AFC North is at stake, with the Steelers hitting 71 straight games with at least one quarterback sack.

Take off the jaws

Keep undefeated

Great rivalry

The Browns and Steelers have had a fierce rivalry and more because of what happened last year between defensive back Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph.


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers game, corresponding to week 6 of the NFL. The meeting will take place at Heinz Field at 12 noon.


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