Clermont Foot: do not miss the last quarter of the championship

After 10 days, Clermont Foot had accumulated 13 points (3 wins, 4 draws), which placed them in 14th place, 9 points ahead of the last (Saint-Étienne), 8 on the penultimate (Brest ), both with 0 wins, and 7 over the barrage (Metz).

During the second quarter, until the Christmas break

the CF63 gleaned, in addition to a bad series of 5 consecutive losses, only 4 additional units (1 victory, 1 draw), for, with 17 points and a drop of 3 rows (17th), only have a margin of a small unit on the barrage, Metz, and the 19th, Lorient and 5 on the red lantern, Saint-Étienne. [Écoutez le podcast]

How can Clermont Foot raise the bar?

The third quarter, 9 days, has just ended with 11 points (3 wins, 2 draws), a 16th place with 2 points ahead of the barrage (Saint-Étienne), 5 and 6 on the penultimate (Metz) and the last (Bordeaux).

Either, despite the bad impression left by the last 3 games (1 draw and 2 losses), better position and margin, than at the mid-championship…


Still, quickly raising the pace would be desirable. Because if his month with 3 successes in 4 games (January 23 – February 20), since his 15th place, had given him air on his pursuers, since then, Bordeaux, Lille and Lorient have clearly weakened the CF63, which inherits a point in 3 games, a record he shares with the Girondins, and a new ballast of -6 to his goal average which already did not need that (-21). premium

After the new loss at home to Lorient (0-2), Clermont Foot can no longer force the decision

Over these same last 3 days, Troyes (7 points), Lorient (6) and Saint-Étienne (4) have done much better, Metz (2), a little too. The only “good” news, Angers (14th) has invited itself into this sad spiral by doing worse than Clermont, with 3 additional consecutive defeats in addition to the previous 4…

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First there are matches against direct opponents for maintenance. “Thanks” to the catastrophic competition of the SCO, there will be three.

Problem n°1, the CF63 is clearly not, or no longer, a fan of these confrontations: 3 points against Bordeaux, Troyes and Angers (then 10th) but one against Metz (go), Bordeaux (return) and Lorient ( round trip) and none against Saint-Étienne (round trip)! Or 12 points taken out of 27 (9 games), far, very far behind Saint-Étienne (18 points in 8 games!) And if he is not so badly off compared to the others, he has however only taken ‘1 point in his last three direct confrontations with low-ranked players.

Problem n°2, Metz, Troyes, at home, and Angers will follow one another in a week. But the CF63 is not too fan either, of those with three games: 1 point taken on the first (September), 1 on the second (November-December) and, already better, 3 on its last (January). premium

What to remember from the defeat of Clermont Foot against Lorient (0-2)

Problem n°3, the rest is very often tough: Lens at home, then, at Montpied, just before the week with 3 matches that we have just mentioned, an uninhibited Nantes and a PSG “liberated” from European Cup, while his trip to Clermont would have fallen between quarter-final first leg and second leg of the Champions League.

And after a trip to Brest and a reception from Montpellier which we can only think too much about, a quite simply “European” final precisely, in Strasbourg then by receiving for the lowering of the curtain of the season, a Lyon which we can think of, gone as he is in his inconstancy, he will come to Auvergne with the need for plenty of points.



To end positively? So far, Clermont has taken as many points at home as away, 14 in 28 days.

An average that, out of the 5 away games and the remaining 5 at home, would give him 38 points in the end. premium

Clermont Foot: Magnin and Berthomier step up after the whistles against Johan Gastien

A total which, for 10 years, would have sent him 5 times in dams and saved 4 times but never directly condemned. Knowing that the 2019-2020 season was not taken into account here since blocked at… this same 28th day. But with his current 28 points, he would have been maintained.

The match of the 19th day against Strasbourg was postponed in mid-January and lost 0-2.


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