Clément Beaune present for the opening of the Regional Conference on Europe

This conference is currently being held in all member countries of the European Union. This national exercise will take the form of 18 regional conferences which will be held over two weekends in September, bringing together for each of them between 30 and 50 citizens drawn by lot and representative of the diversity of their territory.

France wished to conduct an unprecedented exercise of citizens’ consultations on their expectations in relation to Europe and the changes they would like to see happen by 2035. National consolidation work will take place in Paris in mid-October.

Reunion Island is also a stakeholder in this consultation, as there are many current European topics on the island, as recalled by the President of the Reunion Region, Huguette Bello, who pleads for a Europe “more social and more human”.

“For 60 years, Europe has done so much, whether in terms of the single market, regional policy or the single currency. But it has forgotten the essential, namely to make Europeans actors in its policy. None a great project cannot be done without adhesion and without the will of the people, ”recalled the tenant of the Inverted Pyramid.

She adds : “Europe is certainly a space of solidarity between member countries, but it must become a social project for Europeans. We live and will live better within a united and united Europe, which leaves no one behind. Employment must become the Union’s number one priority “.


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