clear message to the future of Atlético de Madrid

Diego Pablo Simeone is always aware of everything that happens around the Atlético de Madrid. Cholo always looks for a way to improve the team and tries not to stitch without a thread in order to get the best results. The fans of the mattress club hope that the coach has not missed what happened this Sunday.

On Anduva, stadium in which the Mirandés, two of Simeone’s pupils excelled in the victory of Miranda de Ebro’s team against the UD Las Palmas.

Rodrigo Riquelme wants to return to convince Simeone.

We talk about Sergio Camello and Rodrigo Riquelme. Both made their debut at the club where they have arrived on loan from Atlético de Madrid and both were providential in the local victory since they scored three of the four goals scored by those of Lolo Escobar.

Sergio Camello scored the first two goals for his team while Rodrigo Riquelme (coming off the bench) closed the game with a goal in the 75th minute of the game.

Here you can see the three goals:

Both talents of the rojiblanca quarry have been habitual in the training of the Atlético de Madrid and in the case of Rodrigo Riquelme last season he was already on loan at the Bournemouth English. The two have had minutes already with Simeone in the first teamCamel has even managed to score) and great things are expected of them for their youth. The decline of the mattress subsidiary made an exit almost mandatory for them to continue growing as footballers in a competitive environment and both have found accommodation in Miranda de Ebro.

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