Claudia López blames the media for the perception of insecurity in Bogotá

The particular statement of the president was issued in Snail News, where he said that much of the insecurity is due to the release of 29,000 criminals while Iván Duque was president of the country.

However, he expressed that although the figures are improving, journalists do not help change the perception of citizens.

“Our Police have captured 190 gangs in 2 years and today Bogotá has 8% fewer car thefts and 5% fewer motorcycle thefts”, he pointed out before launching his lash at the news.

claudia lopez blames the media for perceived insecurity

The mayor of Bogota He said that the news that citizens see often does not show the reality of what is happening on the streets.

“The media spends their time repeating that there is chaos here. People are robbed, robbed, and that produces fear. But that is fought every day and it is reducing, ”she pointed out.

And he emphasized that everything depends on the representatives of the press:

“If the media continue to show sensationalism at the point of showing blood because that gives them a ‘rating’, it will never improve the citizen’s perception,” he considered.

That led journalist Juan Roberto Vargas, who was interviewing her, to reply: Is it the fault of the media? to which the president ratified: “We all have a portion of responsibility.”

In fact, he reiterated it in other words: “The perception of security is the responsibility of the facts, but also of what is counted and how it is counted”.

In that sense, he concluded by daring to say that the news that people see is politically influenced.

“The narrative, no matter if the indicators improve, is that everything is chaos and a disaster, more for political motivations than by the facts”, he closed.

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On video, the words of Claudia López (minute 5:21):


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