Clase valiente | The Brave Class (Trailer)

Reality changes depending on the words we use to define it. “Brave Class” is a social experiment that investigates the importance of language in our way of understanding the world. The documentary features the analysis of more than 20 experts such as Owen Jones, George Lakoff, Íñigo Errejón, Christian Salmon or Iñaki Gabilondo, along with other prominent figures in the field of political communication and information. Documentary – 75min – Spain (2016) Director: Víctor Alonso Berbel Production: Aritz Cirbián, Borja Barrera Allué, Jan Matheu Montserrat Screenplay: Víctor Alonso Berbel, Borja Barrera Allué, Jan Matheu Montserrat A Compacto, Fractal 7 and Pompeu Fabra University production


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