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Clara Cantore and a project to connect music with science | IP

by drbyos

He Killed a Motorized Police is a gang that defines the ideological stance of the first millennials within pop culture. Despite the pandemic, Santiago C. Motorized (lead singer of the indie rock group) had a mission that redefined not only the iconic noventa series “Okupas”, but also challenged him to experiment with methods that the quarantine had put on hold.

The re-release of Occupy meant the merger of the Netflix universe with the not so oiled prerogative of the use of music that the national production used; Undoubtedly, two decades ago the reality of copyright to streaming platforms did not yet exist. This prompted Bruno Stagnaro, director of the series, to ask Motorizado for a bit of his talent to break down all the fiction in a new soundtrack.

Bruno, the cast, me too, we were very surprised with the response that Okupas had 20 years later. Obviously it is a classic of Argentine television, they hoped that the old fans who claimed it every year would be attentive but it went a little further“said the musician.

The artist’s challenge was almost musical anthropology: he explored all the genres that made the era musical and managed to find the key to the code that made the incidental appearance of his songs plausible. “I started for rock, because it was my field and for the last I left other songs. I toured foreign genres for me and my experience, such as cumbia, folklore, salsa and tango“, he described.

Obviously it is popular music (cumbia) that is directly or indirectly part of our life and is present. But when composing I had to do a little more research, immerse myself more in the genre, understand well those style marks that define it.“Motorizado commented.

The work of musicalizing Okupas soon became a tandem process where Stagnaro’s enthusiasm helped the artist feel incentivized to continue his exploration and move out of his comfort zone. Luckily, all that creative energy was not stranded after the order was completed.

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Motorizado began recording an album that has been in production since 2016 and managed to redefine it. “But something happened that usually happens when you leave a project halfway for a long time; you don’t like it, it doesn’t fit with what that recording was,” said the musician and pointed out that he re-recorded his album to find the crux again behind those harmonies. Among these new sounds, the Okupas soundtrack and the experience of rebuilding the genre paradigm that a generation illustrated, Santiago C. Motorizado is more than ready to show his work at ease at the Coliseum.

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