CITY OF LIES official trailer (NEW 2021) Johnny Depp, Forest Whitaker

CITY OF LIES OFFICIAL TRAILER (NEW 2021) Johnny Depp, Forest Whitaker, Notorious BIG, Tupac Shakur, Thriller Movie HD © 2021 – Saban Films.

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45 Responses

  1. He got a shit gig cuz that's all he could get. He has bills like everybody else. He IS NOT back. Trust me. Social media etc made sure of that. Idk wtf he did not do I care. I just know that just because a person messes up in life doesn't mean it should ruin his career. He's a damn actor ffs. Not like he's making laws for our country…

  2. I rented it on iTunes as it was not shown in my country… I'll tell you one thing, it's different than most detective stories you have seen. Part because of Johnny Depp part because it's a really interesting story.

  3. if anyone is trying to find this, it is currently on amazon for rental and purchase. It was a really well done movie and would have been a good theatre experience especially to look around and see reactions of people who didnt know the other information .

  4. I'm just here to say we all know after watching this movie why it got pushed back so long, this is a goat type film thanks Johnny no one could of played a better 4role I've watched it like 4times in 2 days it sets on your mind afterwards it's all I can think about, no wonder our African Americans have been so mad at white people it's like they wanted us to fight against each other and I'm white , to me I grew up not to see race but after watching this you get why African Americans would hold hostility for a long time after tha fact

  5. So being that James Woods is a known conservative, if he were to be talking to a group of people today and it was being recorded and he asked "When's the last time a president was assassinated by an actor?" Then claims not to be an actor, then says "Well maybe it's time". What do you think would happen to him? I'd like to hear from all of the Trump haters on this one.

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