New prints available on Society6! // // http: //www.facebook. com / StudioASZYK * See how it is configured in the Resolume here: It took a while, but in the end this is the first upload of BIRDMASK Visuals. I first started working on them at the end of 2010. Like my delicious visuals, they started with a few different illustrations. The elements came together quite nicely and I started to form compositions from them, which became geometric tribal bird faces. As with most of my illustrations, I couldn’t resist animating it with animation. In the previous format, there were far fewer clips and they were not in HD format. Many elements did not go well together, so the mixing of the faces was not so smooth. In its current form, the set consists of 6 different faces, each with 8 layers and 4 different clips per layer – a total of 192 clips. All of them are loaded into Resolume and launched using Ableton and iPad. Watch this video >> how I associate sound with visuals. This video was made by recording the Resolume composition – all clips were played directly. This piece was not compiled using FCP or Premiere! (or After Effects), it was all done directly. The BIRDMASK visuals debuted at the Mapping Festival in Geneva in May 2011 ( and have since been performed in clubs across London. The biggest performance was during the Channel 4 house party (, where we performed with RnB legends Soul II Soul, who played an amazing set, mixing Reggae, House, RnB and garage. The set is still evolving and work on the 3D version has begun. I hope to move them to UNITY 3D, where I can make them even more responsive … ASZYK named the track ‘Elephant & Castle’-http: // ** * Festival organizers, we (Studio ASZYK) would like to hear from you ***

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