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Citroen partnered with the Italian company Caselani and turned the last generation of the Berlingo into a classic looking model inspired by the legendary 2CV. The result is a modern van with a retro design with completely hand-sculpted shapes.

“We are extremely proud that our best-selling model, the Berlingo, has been modified by Caselani, drawing inspiration from the iconic 2CV Fourgonnette, which has left its mark both on the history of Citroën and on the automotive world in general,” said Pierre Leclerc, Head of Citroën design. “Work on its design began in the Caselani studios. After that we worked together, hand in hand.”

Design changes to the Berlingo include an all-new front end with oval shapes and large round headlights, revised fenders, and added door elements. The side part has also been changed, where vertical slots similar to those on the rear doors have been added. The stops are also new with round shapes and the rims are painted white with chrome caps.

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