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Citizens disappear from the Community of Madrid

by drbyos
  • The party takes another step in its rapid decline and goes from 26 to 0 seats in the Autonomous Assembly

  • Bal announces that the formation “will continue working for the same thing” and Arrimadas avoids appearing at his side

Citizens Just two years ago, it got 629,940 votes in the Community of Madrid, 19.5% of the total: 26 seats in the Assembly, only four from the PP. The result seems to come from another world, one in which the orange party was called to compete head-to-head with socialists and conservatives, even to lead the center-right. On the night of this Tuesday, however, I would have celebrated as a triumph having reaped the 5% of the votes in the community, the minimum required to have parliamentary representation and not give up its future. Something like this was far from happening.

The oranges were left with 3.5% of support: around 125,000 votes with 97% counted, losing 500,000 since the previous elections and disappearing of autonomy. The outcome places one more stone in the difficult path that the party is traveling, perhaps the definitive one after its terrible results in the generals of November 2019 and in the Catalans of last February.

“It is a hard night for this game, but we will continue working for the same thing”

Edmundo Bal. Citizen Candidate

However, your candidate, Edmundo bal, announced that nothing was going to change. He recognized that this was a “Hard night” for Cs, but he also stressed that they were going to “continue working for the same thing”. The leader of the formation, Inés Arrimadas, on the tightrope, he avoided appearing next to the headliner.

Bal, a former lawyer for the isolated State after insisting until the end on the accusation of rebellion for the leaders of the ‘procés’, he had been one of the last to arrive at Cs. But no one can accuse you of a lack of commitment. Orange Speaker in Congress, accepted the poisoned commission almost reluctantly. “I could have stayed in my comfort zone,” he acknowledged when he was named headliner on March 18.

Since then, Bal has not stopped. He has been seen Playing the drums, running through the streets of Madrid, riding a motorcycle, sitting in the Atlético stadium, commenting on his cultural tastes and remembering his excellent grades as a student. And above all, he has been seen touring the community trying to get his message across against “tension” and “extremes” of Podemos and Vox, a position that has not prevented him from making it clear from the beginning that he wanted to reconnect with Isabel Diaz Ayuso, who delved into the rapid decline orange when advancing the elections.

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Factors against

The survival of Ciudadanos is at stake, and this is how their leaders have taken these elections, but the effort in this campaign has been Useless. The party brand was already in low hours, and the motion of censure in Murcia, agreed with the PSOE to evict the PP from power and frustrated by the transfuguismo of three orange deputies in autonomy, has left it on the ground. Now important leaders of Ciudadanos go to the PP. Also the voters, en masse. And this campaign, so polarized, has finished playing against him.


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