Cirkus Prütz releases new video

Cirkus Prütz releases its third video from the latest record BLUESREVOLUTION (Metalville) which came out as recently as July this year.

The video, made by the artist and illustrator Erwan Lengliné, features several of Cirkus Prütz’s heroes such as Chuck Berry, Lemmy, Little Richard and The Ramones, will be released on December 20, but Rocknytt readers can already get a preview here.

– It’s a song where we use all the rock n roll clichés you can think of and a real 12-bar smoker that Chuck Berry was so good at. We’ve also taken a look at Motörhead’s “Goin to Brazil” to be completely honest. You can see the song as a tribute to rock music, life and joy, says the band’s frontman, singer and guitarist Christian Carlsson.



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